Supply Lists

Chinese Brush


300 Basic Drawing, Judy Rossman

301 Figure Drawing, Laurinda O'Connor

302 Pastel Atelier, Donna Rossetti Bailey

303 Introduction to Painting with Pastels, Laurinda O'Connor

310 Beginner/Intermediate Watercolor, Mary Callahan

317 Bare Bones Watercolor, Lilly Cleveland

320 Introduction to Oil Painting, Dianne Panarelli Miller

322 Drawing Painting Fusion, Valerie Forte Vitali

323 Acrylic Painting: Basics and More, Lisa Marder

325 Realism to Abstraction (Working in Series), Kim Alemian

327 Alla Prima, Dianne Panarelli Miller

340 Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Monoprinting, Esther Maschio

341 Intermediate/Advanced Monoprinting, Esther Maschio

343 Gelatine Platemaking and Printmaking, Esther Maschio

364 Collage Works, Karen Cass

390 Intro to Sewing, Alison Gordon

402 Saturday Pastel Painting, Anne Heywood

404 Expressing Mood in a Pastel Landscape, Anne Heywood

405 Sharing Your Unique Vision with Your Pastel Paintings, Anne Heywood

410 Watercolor Workshop: Loosen Up!, Lisa Goren

425 Painting An Honest Still Life, Susan Ahearn

460 Large Scale Image Transfer, Kimberley Majury Albanese

468_Slash_Improvised Art Quilts and Runners_Virginia Holloway

515 Deepening Your Personal Relationship with Painting and Drawing, Timothy Hawksworth

521 Abstract Drawing and Painting, Santiago Hernandez

550 Encaustic 101: Painting with Wax, Dietlind Vander Schaaf