Feb 24–Apr 9

Future Exhibitions

Feb 24 – April 9         Legacy – Susan Denniston, Kelly Knight, Anne Plaisance, Lorraine Sullivan
Feb 24                        OPENING RECEPTION, 6–8PM

DILLON GALLERY:    Students of Bill Flynn: Deedee Agee, Kim Alemian, Martin R. Anderson, Katherine Catlin ,Ann Conte, Allison Crowe, Sally Dean, Susan Denniston,
Joan Drescher, Larry Guilmette, Cindy Kaplan, Esther Maschio, Lisa Marder, Jan McElhinny, Anthony Pilla

Feb 24 – April 9         Legacy—Susan Denniston, Kelly Knight, Anne Plaisance, Lorraine Sullivan

Legacy, in this exhibition, is anything handed down from the past, as from our ancestors or our predecessors. It is our woven lives and stories heard, discovered, lived, remembered and imagined. We are all shaped by our unique history and genetic legacy. These four female artists keenly recognize and share a reverence for this inheritance along with their imagined one, their dreamed one and their experienced one. This legacy forms the very character of a person and these women use it to inform their work. They use tools and craft associated with women’s work and objects associated with home, children and motherhood. Their art reaches inside themselves and then beautifully and sensitively stretches out across time and space to contemplate the universal inheritance of others. Each woman, in her own way, makes art that dignifies life and lives, giving recognition to the untold, hidden secrets and forgotten memories, as pure material for storytelling and transmission.

Susan Denniston


Witness: It breaks open and shatters into a million pieces, 2013
Mixed media painting on panel, 20” x 30” x 2”




Seamstress, 2013

monoprints on paper, 22” x 30”





The Ledger: 1,130 Lives Lost (with detail on left), 2014

Paint on paper scroll, 65 feet long when fully open, 18 inches wide, installation variable


Building Legacy (detail), 2016

Spools of thread, wire, nails, homasote, paper, 24” x 24” x 1”

$400 per panel

Kelly Knight



Homestead, 2014

Wool sweater, paper, thread, branches, wire, ink, graphite. 62” x 42” NFS


Homestead, Detail




Harvest the Fields, 2015

Linen, wire, grape vine, thread, paper. 24” x 12”





When Uncle Josiah Was a Boy, 2014

Linen, paper, branches, wire, pins, wood
shavings, graphite, ink. 52” x 37”





When Uncle Josiah Was a Boy, Detail




Anne Plaisance


Born to die, 2012

oil and acrylics, collage on canvas (Louis Vuitton bag stripe), 59 1/16” x 39 3/8”




Born to suffer, 2015

oil on canvas and collage, 19,70” x 15,74 “




Born to survive, 2015

oil on canvas and collage, 19,70” x 15,74 “





Lorraine Sullivan


Spelling Bee Nightmare, 2015

Mixed Media, 18” x 14” x 6”



Mother In Her Cherry Dress, 2015

Vintage linen, hand-painted fabric, 57” x 14” x 14”



Mother In Her Cherry Dress-Detail

The Three Cent Memory (detail), 2014

Hand made book, vintage family photos, 7” x 6” x 2”