FALL 2017

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Dan Welden



542 Exploring the Print Surface—Monoprint, Drypoint and Collagraph

Marc St. Pierre

This workshop will use a range of possible surfaces to explore mark making, textural surfaces and patterns. We will carve Sintra, draw using drypoint on PETG (a variant grade of plexiglass) and build collagraph plates. These materials have the potential to be shaped easily and composed by layering. Sintra is very versatile. It can be used for most printmaking processes and at a low cost. Sintra has a plate texture which lends itself to a very light and consistent plate tone. It is perfect for Relief printing and is easy to carve through with some some wood carving tools. The thinner Sintra is great for Drypoint and works equally well in making Collagraphs. There are a lot of materials that adhere nicely to these plates like tape and modeling paste. Another great thing about Sintra and PETG is you can easily cut the plate to any shape you want.

8/23–8/25 Wed–Fri 9:30–3:30
$315M $355NM 3 classes

Non Members



502 Drawing, Perception, and Invention

Bill Flynn

This life drawing class will build on a conceptual framework expressed by the master Cape Ann sculptor, George Demetrios: “To me, the only artists are the independent artists, whose function in life is to contribute a perception of the times in which they live, (an art) understandable by all.” In other words: “Do the whole thing at once, but with a motive, not just a fact.” Starting with life drawing and an emphasis on short poses, students will learn how to use the model, expressing the form of the figure in inventive ways, and going beyond objective observation. The intention is to draw quickly, establish relationships of form, assemble big units abstractly, and then apply details to define the figure. The idea is to work intuitively and spontaneously, to explore and discover “the form of things unknown.”

9/23, 9/24 Sat and Sun 9:30-4:00
$340M $385NM 2 classes

Non Members

505 Grisaille Technique in Botanical Painting

Wendy Hollender

In this workshop, join botanical artist, instructor, and author Wendy Hollender to learn the techniques outlined in her book Botanical Drawing in Color: A Basic Guide to Mastering Realistic Form and Naturalistic Color (Random House). Students will learn how to use a grisaille technique for undertones in a neutral color and then how to layer color on top to create depth, using watercolor pencils in combination with dry colored pencils. This technique is very immediate and materials are simple, allowing the artist to work easily in multiple locations and it is especially useful for work in the field. Students will become familiar with the techniques and practice on simple forms such as fruits in colored pencils and then will work on more complex forms such as flowers combining watercolor pencils and colored pencils.

9/23, 9/24 Sat and Sun 9:30–3:30
$275M $320NM 2 classes

Non Members


505a Foraging and Feasting
Wendy Hollender

Botanical artist, Wendy Hollender, will give a behind the scenes look at the making of Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook by Dina Falconi, with illustrations by Ms. Hollender. This artist’s talk will be followed by a book signing in the Bancroft Gallery, South Shore Art Center.Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook celebrates our local bounty and traditional foodways. The book features beautiful, instructive botanical illustrations and delicious, enlightening recipes. We share this project with you out of our long commitment to connecting with nature through food and art. The effort weaves together Dina’s 30 years of passionate investigations into wild-plant identification, foraging and cooking with Wendy’s deft artistic skills honed over 15 years as a botanical illustrator. For four years Dina was writing, directing the art, and designing the book, as well as steadfastly testing the recipes, while Wendy was drawing the over 200 plant illustrations and designing the book with Dina. The result is an abundance of recipes and illustrations that celebrate wild plants and creative ways to bring them into our lives. We hope you will join us in this tasty culinary adventure.


9/22 Fri pm 6:30–8:30
Please RSVP by Calling 781.383.2787


522 The Not So Still “Still Life"

Jill Pottle

Capturing the magical luster of metals—whether high-shine or low-luster—sets the stage for paintings of dramatic effect. Learn to paint the reflections of shiny objects and subtle transparencies in glass forms. Through demonstrations, instruction, and exercises, you will discover techniques that will enable you to capture the flash and flare of metal and glass, while responding expressively to the challenges of reflected light on transparent surfaces. Drawing and some painting experience is required.

10/28, 10/29 Sat and Sun 9:30–3:30

$275M $320NM 2 classes

Non Members

526 Painting in the Mode: Impressionism, Cubism and Abstract Expressionism

Dean Nimmer

This class will explore painting and drawing focused on three art movements: Impressionism (the extraordinary effects of light and shadow); Cubism (a fragmented reality); and Abstract Expressionism (no holds barred freeform abstraction). We will study master works of each movement and develop compositions and studies based on the techniques and philosophy of each movement. Rather than trying to simply copy the outward appearance of a particular genre, we will endeavor to use our eyes and imagination to interpret nature filtered through these uniquely dynamic perspectives.

9/16, 9/17 Sat and Sun 9:30–3:30
$350M $395NM 2 classes

Non Members


Visiting Artist Workshops

Since 1999, South Shore Art Center has hosted master workshops with outstanding, nationally-recognized artists. The Visiting Artist program provides a challenging and in-depth opportunity for participants to be nurtured and inspired in our studios and on location—taking advantage of the stunning coastal landscape. Each year, hundreds of working artists and students from throughout New England participate in three to five day workshops.

Students work in our studios and on location in our beautiful coastal landscape. Register online www.ssac.org or call
781-383-2787. PDPs available.

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Images at top: Dean Nimmer, Nancy McCarthy, Bill Flynn
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