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Dan Welden


520 Autobiographical Still Life Painting

Santiago Hernandez

Objects and images can speak volumes. In this class we will discuss the eloquence of painted objects with an emphasis on symbolism and personal narrative. Students will explore the rich imagery of history, narrative, and memory as a means of expanding the concept of traditional still life and furthering self-expression and creative liberation. The ultimate objective of this class is to strengthen students observational drawing and painting skills while also exploring more personal and expressive stylistic approaches to create art works that are personally meaningful.

1/10–1/31 Wed 6:00–9:00
$195M $240NM 4 classes

Non Members

521a Abstract Drawing and Painting

Santiago Hernandez

This is fun course designed to de-mystify abstract art through a series of exercises and projects that focus on color, line, shape and texture. Abstract drawing and painting represents a shift from recording the visible to expressing our impressions and feelings for what we see. The possibilities of finding inspiration for abstract works are endless and can be found, for example, in nature, music and architecture. Let your imagination soar as we explore the potential for developing personal expression and style while focusing on elements of pure form.

2/4 Sun 10:00–3:30
$100M $145NM 1 class

Non Members

521b Abstract Drawing and Painting

Santiago Hernandez

Another opportunity to take this fun and informative class. See description above.

2/11 Sun 10:00–3:30 1 class
$100M $145NM

Non Members


521c Abstract Drawing and Painting

Santiago Hernandez

Final chance to take this workshop! See description above.

2/18 Sun 10:00–3:30
$100M $145NM 1 class

Non Members

522 Sketch into Paint—A Fresh Approach to Your Painting

Emily Passman

This is a class for oil and acrylic painters who value creating a great sketch and keeping it fresh while moving it directly to canvas. Whether you are an experienced or a new painter, a goal is often to loosen up and get more vibrant and immediate results. One way we can do this is by starting with a sketch, and moving to combine the element of line right into your paint. In this weekend workshop, the focus is to remain true to what you see, to use it as a reference, as a jumping off place, and then to make it your own. Through drawing exercises, some right-brained training, and “immediate” paint and charcoal sketches, you will loosen up, trust your eye, and create pieces that will surprise you! Emily creates a hardworking, yet informal atmosphere, and assists you in becoming an artist with deeper expression. Class ends with a critique and informal discussion.

1/27, 1/28 Sat–Sun 9:30–4:00
$350M $395NM 2 classes

Non Members


541 Multiple Plate Etching and Aquatint

Joyce Zavorskas

Using copper plates and non-toxic techniques, this workshop will introduce contemporary and traditional approaches to hard ground etching using hard ground, drypoint, aquatint and spit bite to produce line, texture and tone. Students will create an etching plate which can be transferred to additional plates for multiple color prints. Students will learn to mix and modify inks, hand wipe plates, register and print proofs, and begin a small edition. There will be daily demonstrations and references to printmaking masters past and present, including Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas, Jim Dine, and Pat Steir. All levels are welcome.

3/16, 3/17, 3/18 Fri–Sun 9:30–3:30
$255M $300NM 3 classes ($45 materials fee, includes ink, paper, and copper plates will be paid to the instructor.)

Non Members


550 Creative Building in Clay

Suzanne Stumpf

Looking to inject new conceptual, structural, and creative detail into your clay work? Internationally-recognized ceramic artist Suzanne Stumpf will share her creative process with you and help you to unlock new directions in your own work. This three-part workshop begins with a presentation and discussion of Suzanne’s ceramic works and creative process, followed by a short hands-on segment to introduce the next day’s activities. It will be followed by two in-studio sessions the next day (morning and afternoon) in which she will challenge participants to define and refine the execution of their work, explore new sources of inspiration, and offer some techniques for creating personalized surface treatments. The morning session will commence with a discussion of student work and suggestions focused on new ways of thinking about the building/creative process as it relates to the medium of ceramics. The afternoon session will involve demonstrations and techniques introduced to assist students in developing personalized methods of texturing and creating surface treatments.

2/2, 6:30–9:30 Fri pm and 2/3, Sat 9:00–4:00
$210M $255NM 2 classes

Non Members


Coming this spring...

550 Encaustic 101: Painting With Wax

Dietlind Vander Schaaf

If you love layers and luminous rich texture, you will love working with wax. This hands-on studio course introduces participants to painting using a heated palette and pigmented wax. It covers safety, encaustic history, and contemporary use, while providing demonstrations and opportunity to practice and apply 2D techniques, including application, fusing, color mixing, etching, texturizing, graphite and Xerox transfers, collaging, mark making, and incorporating found objects. Option to work with a torch as well as a heat gun. Bring an apron and wear closed-toed shoes.

5/19–5/20 Sat–Sun
More details to come...

515 Deepening Your Personal Relationship with Painting and Drawing

Timothy Hawkesworth and Lala Zeitlyn

Our creativity is at the core of our nature. Although its workings are hidden from us, we can learn to align ourselves with it. This alignment can be transformative for both our art and our life. On an individual basis, using both drawing and painting, instruction will be focused on identifying the state of mind–the energy, freedom and irreverence–that allows for discovery, examining the seeing, mindfulness and discernment that distills and clarifies our creative exploration. Through exploring the ways creativity actually works–what helps and what hinders it–we will seek to enliven and deepen your creative process. This workshop is dedicated to expanding creative possibilities and deepening personal connections to drawing and painting, while also exploring how we see and experience the world. This is an energized and supportive environment to establish the fundamentals of how to use your creative intelligence. While exploring the nature of creativity and the history of image making, students will be engaged in meaningful personal inquiry and their relationship to the history of art. Participants will be encouraged to take risks and explore new materials. This is learning by immersion. It’s intensive and can often be transformative. A model will be provided for a part of the studio experience.

4/6, 4/7, 4/8 Fri–Sun 9:30–4:00
$425M $465NM 3 classes
Maximum: 12 students

Members Call to Register
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Tim Hawkesworth grew up in Ireland, immigrated to the US in 1977. He has been showing consistently in New York since the early1980s as well as other cities around the country and in Europe. His work is in many public and private collections including the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, The Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Dublin City Hugh Lane Gallery. He is currently represented by Littlejohn Contemporary in New York and Peyton Wright Gallery in Santa Fe. His work was featured in a solo exhibit at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin in 2008. His work has been reviewed in the New York Times, Art News, the New Yorker, the LA Times, the Boston Globe and the Irish Times. He teaches workshops and lectures around the country and in Ireland and has had his writings published in literary magazines.

Lala Zeitlyn claims her real education as an artist took place on the family farm although she studied painting at Bard and Philadelphia College of Art. She has been showing in the Philadelphia area and her work is in many private collections. She is also a practicing body worker and brings this knowledge to her teaching, exploring the many forms of access we have between body, mind and spirit. She has taught workshops with Tim Hawkesworth for the past twelve years.


Visiting Artist Workshops

Since 1999, South Shore Art Center has hosted master workshops with outstanding, nationally-recognized artists. The Visiting Artist program provides a challenging and in-depth opportunity for participants to be nurtured and inspired in our studios and on location—taking advantage of the stunning coastal landscape. Each year, hundreds of working artists and students from throughout New England participate in three to five day workshops.

Students work in our studios and on location in our beautiful coastal landscape. Register online or call 781-383-2787. PDPs available.

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Images at top: Emily Passman, Timothy Hawkesworth
Image at left side: Dan Welden