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South Shore Art Center follows the lead of the Cohasset Public Schools when making decisions regarding inclement weather closings. To find out if we’re open during a storm, please check the following resources: or If Cohasset Public Schools are closed, so will the Art Center be. Please note: this only applies for weather-related school closings.

FALL 2018 PDF (Click to Download)



Through– Dec 17         Conservatory – Harvest Moon

Stephen Boczanowski, Karen Cass, Keith Conforti, Amy Geyer, Peggy Roth Major

Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Annemarie Whilton, Alix White

Through Oct 31            Paul Pratt– Addiction Awareness, Curated by Annemarie Whilton, JoAnne Chittick


Oct 15 Annual Meeting. 6:30pm in the Bancroft Gallery


Oct 26 Save the date for ROJO—a celebration of Street Art on Friday, October 26, 2018

check the special events page for more details, click here


Sep 14 – Nov 4 StreetARTISTS | Bogotá –> Boston  curated by Kim Alemian
Dast, Cedric "Vise1" Douglas, Percy Fortini-Wright, Desmond Herzfelder, Diana Londono,
Destiny Palmer, Zokos

Support for this exhibition was generously provided by:


Gregory Simmons, The Simmons Group, Merrill Lynch

Dillon Gallery: Reflection curated by Kim Alemian
Richard Alemian, Sue Scavo Gallagher, Anthony Pilla, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Kim Alemian
Opening Reception: Friday, September 14, 6–8 pm

            Manning Lobby Feature: Realism to Abstraction–Charlene Goff
                                    Jane Flavel Collins, Sally Dean, Kathy Donahue, Joanne Kaczowka
                                    Joan Linnehan, Margie Moore, Jan McElhinny, Joy O’Keeffe, Lynn Ray
                                    Betty Tufankjian, Tina Watson

Nov 1 – Dec 31           Paul Pratt Memorial Library—Annemarie Whilton


Nov 8 – Dec 21           Works on Paper juried by Andrew Whitkin

Delivery of works to SSAC by November 1.
Dillon Gallery: Gallery Artists Small Works




Jan 3 – Feb 3            Juried Gallery Artist Show
                                    Dillon: Process – Karen Cass, Ken Lindgren, Pam Golden, Jess Hurley Scott

February 7                  Art Off the Wall—Special Event

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Paul Pratt Memorial Library (Click here for a link to the library)
35 Ripley Road. Cohasset, MA

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South Shore Music Circus Gallery & Robert and Dorothy Palmer Gallery (Click here for Conservatory link)
at South Shore Conservatory, One Conservatory Drive Hingham, MA