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“Meeting a working artist is invaluable in showing the reality of art as a career path, the creative process in action, the work involved. Seeing works of art in a gallery has proved an exciting event for the students. They enjoy seeing actual work, what the creative process and the mind of an artist can do with any material.”
—Jeanette Grant, Squantum School, Quincy

Past Artist in Residence Program

SSAC celebrates 14 years of the Artist in Residence program, a free educational outreach art program designed for students in grades 3, 4 & 5. This innovative program introduces students to professional artists working in a diverse array of mediums: collage, pastel, paint, photography, book arts and sculpture. Students visit SSAC for two hours, meet with the artist, learn about their process, how they became a professional artist, where they find their inspiration and more…

The students then create their own masterpiece, in the artist’s medium, to take home. Over the years these creations have included: small books, silkscreen prints, wire mobiles, clay heads, collages and mono prints.

We welcome Lisa Goren, a watercolorist living in Boston, as this year’s Artist in Residence. Lisa’s unique paintings focus on polar and frozen landscapes she has visited. Lisa shares stories of her experiences and travels through Antarctica and the High Arctic in her colorful presentation to the students.

To reserve your school’s participation in this popular program, contact: aherman@ssac.org.
SSAC permits each visiting school two weekly sessions with a maximum number of 50 students per session.

Artist in Residence Program is generously sponsored by:
Tania & James McCANN

Educator Night at SSAC

PLASMA—Unveiling the Beauty of the Cosmos

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter! Although not typically found in the natural world here on Earth, it's the most common phase of ordinary mater in the Universe. On Earth, we use it to create works of art, illuminate the dark with neon signs and fluorescent lamps, and view media on plasma screens. Matter in a solid state can become liquid, then gas, then plasma as you add more energy! In a plasma, unlike a gas, all of the electrons run free between the molecules. The plasma glows as electrons move within atoms and molecules, changing their energy levels. Energy levels correspond to the energy in photons (or light particles) of different colors.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Carolin Cardamone, Professor of Astronomy. She earned her PhD at Yale's Center for Astronomy and SAstrophysics and a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT. Carolin develops interactive courses that capture students' imaginations in learning sciences.

ON! Pushing Back the Dark exhibition







• Two hour field trips to SSAC to integrate art experience into classroom studies, scout
badges or class experience.
• Gallery tour and in-depth discussion followed by hands-on art project
$15/student; max. 40 students/session

NATIONAL JURIED EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITY— Black & White Photography. Apr 12–May 21 
Taking Notice: Sculptors Responding to Nature, cuarted by Kitty Wales & Sachiko Akiyama May 30–Jul 15 


Drawing • Painting • Printmaking • Mixed Media • Arts Integration


Curriculums can incorporate science, social studies, language arts, and/or math. Workshops can also teach art for art’s sake. Classes are taught to all ages from pre-school to pre-college. Classes can also accommodate students (children and adults) with special needs. Talk with our staff, to identify your key objectives and design an exciting, enriching and fun art program just right for your students.


Workshops: $150 per class + materials fee(varies based on the program).
Call 781-383-2787 or
email aherman@ssac.org



How do you want to spend your PDP budget? At SSAC our courses and workshops are available for professional development. We can design a workshop tailored to your art making interests and curriculum goals to refresh your practice as an artist and a teacher. We are constantly adding new studio courses and visiting artist workshops to choose from.

Consider: Painting, Large Scale Image Transfer or Artist’s Books. We can arrange half or full-day group workshops for a department. Cost $50–75/teacher with a maximum of 12 participants. All media available, taught by SSAC faculty.

For individual PDP offerings consider customizing a series of 5 two hour private lessons on any techniques or processes through our Learning Lab. Cost: $350M $400NM
For more information inquire with Alicia Herman at: aherman@ssac.org