General Information

• Please register early to avoid disappointment. You may register online at, call 781.383.2787 to register by phone with a credit card or see registration page for mail-in information. A $25 non-refundable registration fee is included in tuition. If a student cancels a registration at least ten days before a course or workshop begins, a refund will be granted. Visiting Artist Workshops require a 30 day cancellation notification.

• Students must provide their own materials for Adult Courses and Workshops unless noted.

• Young adults, 15 years and older, are welcome to enroll in most adult courses with the permission of the instructor.

SUPPLY LISTS ARE ALL ONLINE (they are not mailed out)
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South Shore Art Center awards a scholarship to an adult member of our community who is returning to a field of visual art study after an extended interruption. The award winner can use this scholarship money as tuition for any SSAC class or workshop.

MM Dillon Scholarship Application form

Application Requirements:
• Cover letter with your full name, address, phone, email, artist’s statement, and resume.
• Narrative (please contact or 781-383-2787 to inquire about narrative focus).
• Completed application form, which includes narrative responses (available online at or at the Art Center’s front desk).
• Eight (8) pieces of original art work and up to 20 images on a Flashdrive/CD with their application.

Pre-college and Adult Application Submission & Pick-up Dates:

All entries for the precollege or adult welcome back awards must be submitted to South Shore Art Center (119 Ripley Road | Cohasset, MA 02025), by May 1.

Under no circumstances will portfolios be accepted after 4pm on May 1.

A panel of artists/educators will review portfolios on or before May 10. Applicants will be notified promptly by email. Portfolios should be picked up at the Art Center during business hours May 13–14, 10–4. Please sign out your portfolio at the front desk.

All monies will be awarded Friday, June 14th during the Award Ceremony at the 64th Annual Arts Festival!


The Sunday Salon is an afternoon speaker series where artists and art appreciators can come together to share ideas and engage in discussions about the art-making process. This informal setting is designed to provide participants with a broader understanding of how ideas and feelings evolve into meaningful images. It is an opportunity to learn more about the intricacies of creating works of visual art from the creators in a variety of topics.

Join us for SSAC's first Sunday Salon THIS Sunday
March 24 | 1:00pm

In the Art Center Galleries | 119 Ripley Road, Cohasset



Jim Burke, Curator of the current Bancroft Gallery exhibition, Innocence Lost

Admission is free, pre-registration requested.

Learning Lab

Tuesday or Friday from 3:30–5:30 or Saturday 10–12


Develop your artistic skills, talent, and creativity! Our highly skilled artist-teachers will train you in techniques and use of tools and materials, to help unlock your own unique style. Customized instruction for beginners to advanced levels.


1. Buy a block of 5 sessions. This is a rolling admission program of two-hour sessions.
Reservations required. Blocks of 5 sessions for $350M and $400NM must be used within six months.


2. Reserve your 5 choices. (See below or make a request.) 4 students maximum per session.


3. Sessions may have up to 4 students. If you prefer individual mentoring, the cost increases to $50 an hour.


4. Have fun!


801 BASIC DRAWING—This is the place to start. Everything stems from drawing.

802 BEGINNING PAINTING—Learn the wonders of color alchemy, slosh around in oil or acrylics. Make a mess or be neat. Compose on the stage of the canvas.
803 Self Portrait—Embrace your ever-changing expressions with charcoal, wire, and monoprints.
804 Life Drawing—Working from a clothed model—with gesture drawings to 30 minute poses—discover new ways to express the ever-changing form of the figure.
805 Pastel Landscape—Amp up the color of the landscape using soft pastels. Learn many techniques while creating beautiful landscape paintings.
806 Printmaking—Express your inner animal through printmaking. We will create multi-colored prints based on the animal in you.
807 SCRAPBOOKING—Beginner, Photoshop CS4
808 Photoshop (Mac Only)—Beginner or Intermed., Photoshop CS4
809 Photo Elements (Mac Only) Adobe version 11 or 12
810 PowerPoint for Mac 2008 (docx) or 97–2004 (ppt)
811 Art Explorations for Teens
812 Portfolio Works in Progress
813 All About Industrial Design
814 Artist Choice—Students will request their own medium and direction.
815 private lessons for students with special needs


Call to schedule sessions—781 383 2787

Studio Art Foundation Program

South Shore Art Center offers a new program for students looking to formalize their art studies. Upon completion of a specially designed curriculum, SSAC will award students a Certificate in Studio Art Foundation. Participants in the program will have ongoing support of Art Center faculty to evaluate work and assist in course selection. Certificate Students will have priority registration and be assisted in creating a portfolio of work from their selected courses for presentation and exhibition. They also will have the opportunity to exhibit at SSAC in Certificate Student shows. Courses must be completed within three years of registration. (One course, taken prior to January 2015 is eligible for inclusion in the Certificate Program.)

Registration fee for this program is $50.
Contact 781-383-2787 for more information.

First Year Focus
Basic Drawing (48 hours minimum)
Color Theory (10 hours minimum)
Intro to Painting (24 hours minimum Oil, Acrylic, or Watercolor)
Elective choice (24 hours)

Second Year Focus
Drawing II (24 hours minimum)
Art History (12 hours)
Painting Elective (24 hours minimum)
Elective choice (24 hours)

Elective Courses
Advanced Drawing (24 hours)
Printmaking (24 hours)
Photography (16 hours)
3D ceramics (24 hours)
Visiting Art Workshops (18 hours minimum)

Studio Art
Foundation Program

300a Basic Drawing (Intermediate/Advanced)

Judy Rossman

The ability to draw is not inherited; it is a learned skill. That ability is directly related to one’s observational skills. Being able to see the basic structure of all objects is the first step (similar to reading music). Through a series of exercises, assignments, and homework, students will strengthen their observational and drawing skills. Composition, value studies, line, texture, and color will broaden their understanding of the drawing process. Class content is provided in a supportive environment with lots of one-on-one instruction. Continuing students welcome. No class June 14.


4/26–6/21 Fri am 10:30–1:30

$240M $285NM 8 classes

Non Members

300b Basic Drawing (Beginner to Intermediate)

Judy Rossman

This class is for beginners with minimal or no previous drawing experience. The emphasis will be on developing effective observational skills—to see like an artist—by observing the basic structure of one’s surroundings. Students will concentrate on a series of exercises to strengthen and reinforce such concepts as composition, light value, line and texture as these relate to the process of graphic expression. The ultimate goal is to broaden students’ understanding of the drawing process. Individual instruction will concentrate on students’ skill level.


4/23–6/11 Tue pm 1:00–3:30
$200M $245NM 8 classes

Non Members

301 Beginning Pastel

Laurinda O’Connor

Learn how to create beautiful paintings using soft pastels while working from photographs of landscapes and still life setups. Students will develop their own style while learning the basics, including perspective, composition, color, and technique. Instruction will focus on demonstration, individual attention, and student need. This class is perfect for the beginner or those looking for a new medium of expression. Students are encouraged to bring their own photographic references and soft pastels.

4/23–6/11 Tue pm 12:30–3:30
$240M $285NM 8 classes

Non Members

302 Pastel Atelier

Donna Rossetti-Bailey

This course is for intermediate and advanced pastel artists with drawing experience. Each class will involve five hours of uninterrupted studio and plein-air painting time. Weather permitting, we will go outdoors to various locations. Instruction will include one-on-one easel time, critiques, and lots of information exchanges. All students will be encouraged to express their own personal style and imagery. We will have fun, laugh, and learn from one another in this extended class. Some materials provided. Bring your lunch.

5/1–5/29 Wed am 9:00–2:00
$180M $225NM 5 classes

Non Members

303 Expressive Pastels

Laurinda O’Connor

Let’s break away from tradition and have fun painting landscapes! In this session, students will go beyond their photo reference and develop their own style while expressing themselves through their stroke, color choices, and composition. Laurinda will demonstrate and offer plenty of individual instruction, while also suggesting exercises and themes. Students are encouraged to bring their own photographic references. Previous experience is recommended.

4/23–6/11 Tue am 9:00–12:00
$240M $285NM 8 classes

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

310 Beginner/Intermediate Watercolor

Mary Callahan

Designed for all levels of the watercolorist, this course will first provide the fundamentals, and then explore the many techniques of watercolor. Art works may be based on still life set-ups, photos, or from your imagination. Emphasis will be on color and design, with the goal of creating an organized emotional statement.

4/25–6/13 Thu am 9:00–12:00
$240M $285NM 8 classes

Non Members

320 Introduction to Oil Painting

Dianne Panarelli Miller

This is a fun class designed to get students painting right away. Class will begin with an informative demonstration to help students see how to begin a painting. Individual instruction will focus on helping students improve at their own speed. There will be many interesting still life set ups which will illustrate various concepts as well as address student needs. Instruction is based on academic methods such as surface preparation, organized palette, color theory, paint techniques, and accurate observation of form, coupled with a more spontaneous and direct application of materials expressed authentically. In an organized fashion, students will learn the fundamentals of creating a painting that is structurally sound in color, composition, and technique. While this class is intended for beginners, students performing at a higher level will also benefit from Dianne’s experience and instruction.

4/23–6/11 Tue am 9:30–12:30
$240M $285NM 8 classes

Non Members

321 Plein Air Motifs

Robert Beaulieu

Now that winter is almost over, with weather permitting, it is time to go outside and paint! This course is focused on helping students create paintings inspired by plein air motifs such as lobster boats, sailboats, summer cottages, or harbor scenes to name a few. Plein air locations will be selected from the towns of Cohasset, Scituate, and Hingham. Students will learn the uses of one and two point perspective to emphasize correct proportion and dimension and atmospheric perspective through the use of color and light values. During inclement weather, class instruction will be based on individual sketches, photographs, and model forms to facilitate composition concepts. A major goal of this class is the creation of picturesque content through the rich pictorial expression of light and shadow, color, and texture. The use of photography as a sketch medium will also be discussed. Individual critiques and concept development will be an integral part of this experience.

4/24–6/12 Wed pm 1:00–4:00
$240M $285NM 8 classes

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

322 Abstract Drawing and Painting

Santiago Hernandez

This is a fun course designed to de-mystify abstract art through a series of exercises and projects that focus on color, line, shape and texture. Abstract drawing and painting represents a shift from recording the visible to expressing our impressions and feelings for what we see. The possibilities of finding inspiration for abstract works are endless and can be found, for example, in nature, music and architecture. Let your imagination soar as we explore the potential for developing personal expression and style while focusing on elements of pure form. No class May 27.

4/22–6/3 Mon pm 6:00–9:00
$195M $240NM 6 classes

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

325 Realism to Abstraction

Kim Alemian


Ever wonder how some artists make the leap from Realism to Abstraction? In this exploratory and supportive environment we will experiment with varied approaches and techniques. Through working in series, looking at masterworks and discussion, students will discover new avenues of creating works of art. Students are encouraged to bring two or three meaningful still life objects or sketches to work with. iPads as resources are welcome. Students must be familiar with their chosen materials. Critique is an integral part of this class.

4/19–6/7 Friday am 9:00–12:30
$295M $340NM 8 classes

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

326 Drawn to Painting

Santiago Hernandez

Someone once declared that the basis for a great painting is a great drawing. Basic drawing skills are essential for any painter. This 2-part course will combine Beginning Drawing with Beginning Painting. Part 1 will begin with an introduction to basic drawing using still life arrangements as a source of content. Students will work from observation focusing on drawing techniques used in rendering and composing forms in space successfully. Materials such as charcoal and pen and ink will be introduced to explore the dramatic possibilities and expressive potential of graphic media. In Part 2 students will expand on the topics covered in Part 1 while learning the basics of color mixing, developing a value scale, and exploring methods of indirect painting. This is a class which is intended to demonstrate the dynamic relationship of drawing and painting and provide students with the skills necessary for successful artistic expression.

4/24–6/12 Wed pm 6:00–9:00
$240M $285NM 8 classes

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

327 “Alla Prima” Painting

Dianne Panarelli Miller

This class will begin with an informative demonstration to help students see how to begin a painting. The instructor will work with students on an individual basis to help them improve at their own speed. Students will work outside (weather permitting), will work from still life set ups, and photographic references. Dianne will blend the discipline of Academic Traditional Methods with the freedom of “Alla Prima” (all in one sitting) to help students learn the fundamentals of creating a painting that is structurally sound in color, composition, and technique. Whether you are a beginner or advanced artist, you will benefit from this class. No class May 27.

4/22–6/17 Mon am 9:30–12:30
$240M $285NM 8 classes

Non Members


Michael McNabb, Coordinator

In this ongoing class, develop your skills in drawing from the model. Please call the coordinator at 781-545-4991 if you plan to attend.

Ongoing Mon pm 7:00–10:00
$10 per session model fee payable at class

341 Intermediate/Advanced Monoprinting

Esther Maschio

Monoprinting can be a highly experimental medium for creating strikingly unique works of art. An indirect process, typically imagery is created on a Plexiglas plate and then transferred by means of an etching press to archival paper. Brayers and brushes are the primary tools used. Methods and techniques include: additive, subtractive, mixing inks, roll-ups, viscosity, transparencies, color layering, multiple plate printing, plate registration, color theory simplified, trace drawing, collage, chine colle, and more. Students will work with the instructor to define goals and then set a plan to begin work. In this dynamic and energetic studio environment, exploration and growth are emphasized at the individual and group level. For students with prior experience in solar platemaking and printing, as well as other platemaking techniques, they may continue in those directions. In addition to traditional monoprinting, solarplate materials and equipment will be available for those experienced in solarplate making and printing.

No class May 27 (includes $15 materials fee for inks)

4/22–7/1 Mon am 9:00–3:00
$400M $445NM 10 classes

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

342 Printmaking Sampler Redux

Esther Maschio

Spring into the warm weather by expanding your knowledge of printmaking. Through demonstrations, show-and-tells, and hands-on practice, students will learn the art of platemaking and unique printing. Sessions will evolve weekly focusing on one technique at a time and will include: monoprinting using plexiglass plates and etching press; multiple platemaking using Sintra and carving tools for relief and intaglio printing; and PETG and etching tools for dry point. While the emphasis will be on the latter techniques, instruction will also include the addition of monoprinting and trace drawing to enhance and explore the rich possibilities of combining techniques to produce expressive and inventive graphic imagery in a thought-provoking manner. Non-toxic or soy-based inks will be used and all materials will be supplied, except for Rives BFK paper which will be available for sale. It is suggested but not required that recurring images and/or motifs be used for the purpose of making comparisons when using various printmaking techniques. Students should bring a simple prepared photos the first class.

4/25–6/13 Thu 9:30–12:30
$240M $285NM 8 classes

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

350 Introduction to Ceramics

Jeanne Wiley

For the beginning clay student, this course will introduce students to the techniques of coil, pinch, slab, wheel, and combinations of these techniques. Functional and non-functional pieces will be created, glazed, and fired. Texture, form, and surface treatment will be covered as part of the one-on-one instruction, reinforced by demonstrations of technique and process.

4/26–6/28 Fri am 9:30–12:30
$375M $420NM 10 classes
(includes materials and firing fee)

Non Members

351 Clay Work

Carolyn Daly Shedd

This course includes instruction in wheel throwing and hand building techniques. We will start where you are; beginners will learn how to center clay, make small bowls and cups, and advanced students will explore more complicated forms including lidded jars and teapots. Hand builders will learn pinch, coil, and slab techniques and will produce a variety of containers and objects. The class will also investigate different surface/decorating techniques such as slips, sgraffito, paper resist, carving, stamping, and glazes. Come ready to try new ideas.

4/23–6/11 Tue pm 6:00–9:00
$310M $355NM 8 classes
(includes materials and firing fee)

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

352 Potter’s Wheel & More

Jeanne Wiley

This ceramic class will cover wheel techniques as well as slab, coil, and hand building. Glaze applications will be demonstrated and independent projects are welcomed in this very supportive class. Open to all students.


4/24–6/26 Wed pm 6:00–9:00
$375M $420NM 10 classes
(includes materials and firing fee)

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

354 Clay Decorating Techniques

Ann Conte

Learn new ways to finish your clay pieces with image transfer, mono printing, photo lithography, sgraffito, and more. This class will allow you to expand your glazing repertoire. The first classes will focus on learning new techniques. Students will then be able to put their new knowledge into practice through their hand-built and wheel-thrown clay work. Prior clay experience is required to take this course.

4/25–6/27 Thu pm 6:00–9:00
$375M $420NM 10 classes

Non Members

355 Advanced Clay Throwing
and Handbuilding

Ann Conte

This is an intermediate to advanced ceramic sculpture course focused on experimentation with modern forms in hand building and wheel work. Emphasis will be on novel use of scale, surface design, and fabrication techniques. We will study the sculptural forms and surfaces of: Alison Britton, Hans Coper, Peter Voulkos, and Picasso. Through assignments that give liberal opportunity for individual interpretation, students will grow their skills and ability to work with modern and abstract forms in clay.

4/26–6/28 Frid am 5:00–8:00
$375M $420NM 10 classes

Non Members

371 Basic Digital Photography 1
A New Beginning

Keith Conforti

Learn how to unlock your creativity with your digital camera. Students will learn the fundamentals of photography by taking advantage of the features and functionality specific to their own digital camera. This course will focus on the technical aspects of digital photography: proper basic settings, lens selection, image file formats, exposure settings, and developing a digital workflow. Then we will explore the art of photography: composition, depth of field, storytelling, and leading lines. We will build on your abilities each week through various assignments created to reinforce the topics you’ve learned. Students should bring their cameras and manuals to class. Digital SLR cameras required, tripods recommended.

4/23–6/11 Tue pm 7:00–9:00
$235M $280NM 8 classes

Non Members


372 Basic Digital 2

Bruno Debas

Basic Digital 2 is an eight week class designed to extend and strengthen the skills acquired in Basic Digital 1. The class will introduce students to a variety of advanced techniques including street photography, architectural photography, time-lapse, night photography etc. Class lecture is an integral part of this class. In addition, in-the-field shooting under teacher supervision may require some traveling. Students will need to provide a DSLR camera and tripod. An intervalometer may be needed, depending on the type of camera used.

4/25–6/13 Thu pm 6:00–8:00
$235M $280NM 8 classes

Non Members

373 Introduction to Lightroom

Bruno Debas

Learn how to maximize your digital photography workflow with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. In this workshop you will learn how to import and manage your digital photographs, as well as how to improve photos, in both color and black & white. Applying preset filters will be discussed and demonstrated as well as how to make your photographs “pop” using Lightroom’s array of image modification tools, such as tone curves. An understanding of digital photography and your camera’s RAW image file format are required. Also required is a laptop or desktop with Lightroom installed that you can bring to class. The latest version of Lightroom is recommended but not necessary.

4/24–6/12 Wed pm 6:00–8:00
$235M $280NM 8 classes

Non Members



374 Intermediate Digital Fine Art Photography

Stephen Sheffield

In this in-depth and hands-on course you will explore the world of fine art photography. It is a class designed for students who are looking to explore their creative side, and developing (no pun intended) a personal vision. Experienced artists are also encouraged and will find the course as challenging as they desire. We will build on your knowledge and push you to expand your artistic vision. Beyond the exposure, structure and composition of your work, we will address personal style, artistic intent, creativity, and inspiration. Students can count on in-depth discussions about their ongoing work and look at the work of past and current artists. The intention here is for artists of varying stripes to work toward an ongoing photographic project, or projects, but above all to focus their learning on a subject that most interests them. No class May 27.

4/22–6/17 Mon pm 7:00–9:00
$235M $280NM 8 classes

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register


380 Create a Short Story

Kathleen McKenna

The goal of this class will be for every student to conceive, develop and draft a short story from beginning to end. Syllabus topics will include craft topics touched upon from group discussions – such as story ideas, beginnings, character development, point of view, exposition and dialogue, pacing strategies, climax and resolution, editing and revision. Each student will have the opportunity to share work and receive constructive criticism from the group, as well as from the instructor. The first session will include writing prompts and exercises as an introduction to the writing process.

4/23– 6/11 Tue pm 7:00–9:00
$180M $225NM 8 classes

Non Members


402 Landscape Painting with Pastels

Anne Heywood

Take this two-day workshop to prepare for a summer of landscape painting with pastels!


First day: demonstration with instructor’s tips regarding plein air techniques, supplies, etc., followed by student painting time.
Second day: studio painting demonstration with instructor’s explanations, followed by student painting time.


This is a relaxing and instructive pastel workshop that is sure to get you thinking and get you painting! Expect plenty of explanations and “hands off” practical guidance at your easel, balanced with “your time” to paint. Workshop ends with an instructor-led constructive critique.

5/11, 5/12 Sat–Sun 9:30–4:00
$260M $305NM 2 classes

Non Members

460 Kicked-Up Collage Revisited

Karen Cass

This is a mixed media collage class to jump start your creative process. Even if you have not taken the earlier version, this workshop is a must if you feel the urge to breathe new life into your work! This is your chance to dig in and have fun with productive artistic play! We will start with some exercises designed to give students fun prompts to inspire excitement and surprise in their art-making routine. Each week a new challenge will be presented, combined with prompts for future consideration, motivation and creative flow. Along with basic paper collage application, students will be encouraged to add other dimensional elements, such as paint and textured surfaces, along with drawing and simple printing techniques to further enhance the layered collage experience. Examples and shared materials will be provided but students may want to start collecting various papers, old paintings on paper, and printed materials such as sheet music, old books, letters, rubber stamps, stencils and other fun stuff.

4/25, 5/2, 5/9 Thu pm 6:00–9:00
$105M $150NM 3 classes

Non Members

469 Art Pot Holders and Mug Rugs

Virginia Holloway

In this workshop students will learn to improvise small designs using scraps or purchased fabric to crazy-piece small quilts that can be used as potholders or coasters. The technique is fun and easy and allows for learning to use color and pattern together in new ways.

5/25, 5/26 Sat–Sun 10:00–4:00
$120M $165NM 2 classes

Non Members


The Sunday Salon is an afternoon speaker series where artists and art appreciators can come together to share ideas and engage in discussions about the art-making process. This informal setting is designed to provide participants with a broader understanding of how ideas and feelings evolve into meaningful images. It is an opportunity to learn more about the intricacies of creating works of visual art from the creators in a variety of topics.


This series of speakers will occur on the second Sunday of every month from 1:00pm with registration required. The series speakers and the month of their presentation will be:


March 24 Jim Burke, Gallery Talk on the Bancroft Gallery exhibit, “Lost Innocence”

April Dorothy Amore Pilla, “The Composited Image”, a demonstration and discussion of photo-collage imagery using Photoshop methods.

June Anthony Pilla, “Stieglitz, O’Keefe, and 291”, an art history lecture on the origins of abstraction in America.




561 Encaustic: Layers, Translucency and

Dietlind vander Schaaf

This workshop is designed to take students beyond the basics involved in working with encaustic by offering participants a deeper understanding of how to create paintings that suggest depth and dimension. An emphasis will be placed on composition and expressing meaning through an exploration of accumulating marks, drawings, and image transfers at varying levels. In addition, students will learn about surface preparation, brush manipulation, layering, collage and embedding. The structure and presentation of this class allows plenty of time for students to explore and develop their own personal ideas and visual vocabulary on larger or multiple panels.

5/18, 5/19 Sat–Sun 9:30–3:30
$260M $305NM 2 classes

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

A Three Day Intensive Workshop
For Printmakers, Photographers, and Mixed Media Artists


Photo Polymer Printmaking

Marc St. Pierre

This workshop is an introduction to working with photo polymer plates. These plates can produce good results with photographic imagery as well as direct drawing. The plates can yield delicate tonal range and rich deep blacks. Through the use of colored inks, multi-plate printing, and chine colle, the plates can also yield beautiful color prints. We’ll be working with photographic imagery that the participant will have the opportunity to alter at many points in the process with digital manipulation, drawing, scratching, or the addition of painterly marks. The workshop is open to beginners with no printmaking experience as well as experienced printmakers. It can also be used as an introduction or a re-fresher course for those familiar with the process. Plates will be available for purchase during the workshop.


Coming in August!
Friday, Sat–Sun 9:30–4:00 3 classes

Professional Development

Attention Teachers! We are pleased to provide a certificate of completion for any of our adult courses or workshops.