General Information

• Please register early to avoid disappointment. You may register online at, call 781.383.2787 to register by phone with a credit card or see registration page for mail-in information. A $25 non-refundable registration fee is included in tuition. If a student cancels a registration at least ten days before a course or workshop begins, a refund will be granted. Visiting Artist Workshops require a 30 day cancellation notification.

• Students must provide their own materials for Adult Courses and Workshops unless noted.

• Young adults, 15 years and older, are welcome to enroll in most adult courses with the permission of the instructor.

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Learning Lab

Tuesday or Friday from 3:30–5:30 or Saturday 10–12


Develop your artistic skills, talent, and creativity! Our highly skilled artist-teachers will train you in techniques and use of tools and materials, to help unlock your own unique style. Customized instruction for beginners to advanced levels.


1. Buy a block of 5 sessions. This is a rolling admission program of two-hour sessions.
Reservations required. Blocks of 5 sessions for $350M and $400NM must be used within six months.


2. Reserve your 5 choices. (See below or make a request.) 4 students maximum per session.


3. Sessions may have up to 4 students. If you prefer individual mentoring, the cost increases to $50 an hour.


4. Have fun!


801 BASIC DRAWING—This is the place to start. Everything stems from drawing.

802 BEGINNING PAINTING—Learn the wonders of color alchemy, slosh around in oil or acrylics. Make a mess or be neat. Compose on the stage of the canvas.
803 Self Portrait—Embrace your ever-changing expressions with charcoal, wire, and monoprints.
804 Life Drawing—Working from a clothed model—with gesture drawings to 30 minute poses—discover new ways to express the ever-changing form of the figure.
805 Pastel Landscape—Amp up the color of the landscape using soft pastels. Learn many techniques while creating beautiful landscape paintings.
806 Printmaking—Express your inner animal through printmaking. We will create multi-colored prints based on the animal in you.
807 SCRAPBOOKING—Beginner, Photoshop CS4
808 Photoshop (Mac Only)—Beginner or Intermed., Photoshop CS4
809 Photo Elements (Mac Only) Adobe version 11 or 12
810 PowerPoint for Mac 2008 (docx) or 97–2004 (ppt)
811 Art Explorations for Teens
812 Portfolio Works in Progress
813 All About Industrial Design
814 Artist Choice—Students will request their own medium and direction.
815 private lessons for students with special needs


Call to schedule sessions—781 383 2787

Studio Art Foundation Program

South Shore Art Center offers a new program for students looking to formalize their art studies. Upon completion of a specially designed curriculum, SSAC will award students a Certificate in Studio Art Foundation. Participants in the program will have ongoing support of Art Center faculty to evaluate work and assist in course selection. Certificate Students will have priority registration and be assisted in creating a portfolio of work from their selected courses for presentation and exhibition. They also will have the opportunity to exhibit at SSAC in Certificate Student shows. Courses must be completed within three years of registration. (One course, taken prior to January 2015 is eligible for inclusion in the Certificate Program.)

Registration fee for this program is $50.
Contact 781-383-2787 for more information.

First Year Focus
Basic Drawing (48 hours minimum)
Color Theory (10 hours minimum)
Intro to Painting (24 hours minimum Oil, Acrylic, or Watercolor)
Elective choice (24 hours)

Second Year Focus
Drawing II (24 hours minimum)
Art History (12 hours)
Painting Elective (24 hours minimum)
Elective choice (24 hours)

Elective Courses
Advanced Drawing (24 hours)
Printmaking (24 hours)
Photography (16 hours)
3D ceramics (24 hours)
Visiting Art Workshops (18 hours minimum)

Studio Art
Foundation Program

300 Basic Drawing (Int/Adv)

Judy Rossman

The ability to draw is not inherited; it is a learned skill. It grows in direct proportion with growth in one’s observational skills, with the first step being able to discern the basic structure of all objects. Through a series of exercises, assignments, and homework, students will strengthen their observational and drawing skills. Composition, value studies, line, texture and color will broaden their understanding of the drawing process. This class can accommodate both beginner and intermediate levels in a supportive environment with lots of one-on-one instruction. Continuing students welcome.
7/13–8/17 Fri am 10:30–1:30
$225M $270NM 6 classes

Non Members

310 Watercolor (Beginner/Intermediate)

Mary Callahan

Designed for all levels of the watercolorist, this course will begin by providing the fundamentals and will then explore the many techniques of watercolor. Art works may be based on still life set-ups, photos or from your imagination. Emphasis will be on color and design, with the goal of creating an organized emotional statement.
7/12–8/30 Thu am 9:00–12:00 8 classes
$240M $285NM classes

Non Members

320 Introduction to Oil Painting

Dianne Panarelli Miller

This is a fun class designed to get you painting right away. Class will begin with an informative demonstration to help guide students on beginning a painting. After the demo, the instructor will work one-on-one with students to facilitate improvement paced to meet each individual’s needs. There will be many interesting still life set-ups, which will be used to explore the design principles that relate to the dynamics of composition, color, and the expressive use of materials. While the goal is to help students learn the fundamentals of oil painting technique, there will also be an emphasis on creating paintings that are structurally sound in color and composition. Students at all levels—from the beginner to the advanced artist—will benefit from this class.

7/10–8/28 Tue am 9:30–12:30
$240M $285NM 8 classes

Non Members

323 Painting Atelier

Valerie Vitali

Working with painters who have some oil painting and drawing experience, each class will offer four hours of studio time. Instruction will be on a one-on-one basis and each student will be encouraged to explore their individual interest and focus. Discussion will involve contemporary artists who work representationally or abstractly. This format will allow for individual styles and personal imagery to emerge and progress. Some reference ideas will be offered, including still life objects. Demonstrations of technique will be offered on an as-needed basis. Students will explore various aspects of the creative process in an encouraging environment. Additional materials will be available.

7/11–8/15 Wed am 10:00–2:00
$240M $285NM 6 classes

Non Members

326 Drawn to Painting

Santiago Hernandez

Someone once declared that the basis for a great painting is a great drawing. Basic drawing skills are essential for any painter. This 2-part course will combine Beginning Drawing with Beginning Painting. Part 1 will begin with an introduction to basic drawing using still life arrangements as a source of content. Students will work from observation focusing on drawing techniques used in rendering and composing forms in space successfully. Materials such as charcoal and pen and ink will be introduced to explore the dramatic possibilities and expressive potential of graphic media. In Part 2 students will expand on the topics covered in Part 1 while learning the basics of color mixing, developing a value scale, and exploring methods of indirect painting. This is a class which is intended to demonstrate the dynamic relationship of drawing and painting and provide students with the skills necessary for successful artistic expression.
No class July 24.

7/10–8/28 Tue pm 6:00–9:00
$240M $285NM 7 classes

Non Members

327 "Alla Prima" Still Life

Dianne Panarelli Miller

This class will begin with an informative demonstration to guide students on beginning a painting. The instructor will work with students on an individual basis to help them improve at their own speed. Students will work outside (weather permitting) or work from still life set-ups. Instruction will be based on blending the discipline of Academic Traditional Methods with the freedom of “Alla Prima” (all in one sitting) painting. The ultimate objective is to help students learn the fundamentals of creating a painting that is structurally sound in color, composition, and technique. Whether you are a beginner or advanced artist, you will benefit from this class.

7/9–8/27 Mon am 9:30–12:30
$220M $265NM 8 classes

Non Members

500 Life Drawing and Painting Studio

Uninstructed–Michael McNabb, Coordinator

Develop your skills in drawing from the model in this ongoing class. Please call the Coordinator 781-545-4991 if you plan to attend.

$10 per session model fee payable at class. No class July 23.
Ongoing Mon pm 7:00–10:00

342 Printmaking Sampler

Esther Maschio


Spring into the warm weather by expanding your knowledge of printmaking during this four-week session. Through demonstrations, show-and-tells, and hands-on practice, students will learn the art of Platemaking and Unique Printing. Sessions will build to the following week focusing on one technique at a time and will include: gelatine platemaking and printing by hand; monoprinting using plexiglass plates and etching press; trace drawing, a stand-alone method that is also used to enhance existing art. Non-toxic or soy-based inks will be used and all materials will be supplied, except for Rives BFK paper which will be available for sale. It is suggested but not required that the same or similar images be used for all four weeks for the purpose of making comparisons when using various printmaking techniques. Students should bring a simple prepared photos the first class.

7/12–8/2 Thu am 9:00–12:00
$120M $165NM 4 classes

Non Members

343 Relief Platemaking and Printing

Esther Maschio

This unique form of platemaking uses the surface of the plate to create an image. The image remains while the rest of the plate is recessed by cutting it away. Water-based and oil inks will be used with a variety of plate materials: wood, linoleum, Sintra, and “easycut” to determine effects and differences. A variety of papers, heavy and thin, will also be used to determine various looks in a finished print. Printing by hand and with a press; a small edition of a chosen plate; and multiple plate registration will round off the options offered in this experimental environment. Emphasis will be placed on simplicity of design by practicing the principles of light-dark (positive-negative) elements basic to every art. Students will learn about signing prints, and techniques used in reduction platemaking. White line woodcut will be discussed and demonstrated as well. No class July 23.

7/2–8/13 Mon am 9:00–2:00
$300M 345NM 6 classes

Members FILLED
Non Members FILLED

350 Introduction to Ceramics

Ann Conte

For the beginning clay student, this course will introduce students to the techniques of coil, pinch, slab, wheel, and combinations of these techniques. Functional and non-functional pieces will be created, glazed, and fired. Texture, form, and surface treatment will be covered as part of the one-on-one instruction, reinforced by demonstrations of technique and process. This class is also open to teens.
7/12–8/30 Thu pm 1:00–4:00

$310M $355NM 8 classes
(includes materials and firing fee)

Non Members

351 Clay for Beginners

Erin Carney

This course is designed to wet your whistle and introduce the interested clay student to a wide variety of skill sets including wheel throwing, hand building, and surface decoration techniques. No previous experience required, but please sign up if you still consider yourself to be a beginner who can benefit from new ideas and guided instruction. The course will be structured around introducing lots of different methods for creation through one-on-one instruction as well as guided demonstrations throughout the session. We will work on both functional and sculptural objects and will explore the ideas that students are excited about. The only requirement is a positive attitude and a willingness to learn from one another.

7/9–8/27 Mon pm 6:00–9:00 $310M $355NM 8 classes
(includes materials and firing fee)

Non Members

352 Potter's Wheel & More

Jeanne Wiley

This ceramic class will cover wheel techniques as well as slab, coil, and hand building. Glaze applications will be demonstrated and independent projects are welcomed in this very supportive class. Open to all students. 7/11–8/29 Wed pm 6:00–9:00

$310M $355NM 8 classes
(includes materials and firing fee)

Members Filled
Non Members Filled

353 Clay Work

Erin Carney

This course includes instruction in both wheel throwing and hand-building techniques. We will start where you are. Previous experience is suggested but not required. The course will refresh and build on skills such as centering on the wheel, making small objects such as cups and bowls and more advanced students will explore more complicated forms including lidded jars and teapots. Hand building skills such as pinch, slab, and coil techniques will be reviewed and applied to a number of projects. This class will also investigate several different surface/decorating techniques such as colored slips, sgraffito, mishima, carving, stamping and glaze application. Come ready with some exciting ideas of what you would like to practice and make!

7/10–8/28 Tue pm 6:00–9:00
$310M $355NM 8 classes
(includes materials and firing fee)

Non Members

354 Clay Decorating Techniques

Ann Conte

Learn new ways to finish your clay pieces with image transfer, mono printing, photo lithography, sgraffito, and more. This class will allow you to expand your glazing repertoire. The first classes will focus on learning new techniques. Students will then be able to put their new knowledge into practice through their hand-built and wheel-thrown clay work. Prior clay experience is required to take this course.

7/12–8/30 Thu pm 6:00–9:00
$310M $355NM 8 classes
(includes materials and firing fee)

Non Members

355 Sculpting with Paper Clay

Ann Conte

Paper clay is clay that has been mixed with paper pulp. Its properties allow an innovative method of using clay which would not be possible with a regular clay body. It’s easy to use, extremely strong in its unfired stage and easy to repair at any stage in the process. When fired, it is much lighter than conventional clay and is useful for wall installations and delicate sculptural forms. Students will explore hand building and sculptural techniques that go beyond traditional clay boundaries. Previous ceramic experience helpful.
7/10–8/28 Tue pm 1:00–4:00

$310M $355NM 8 classes
(includes materials and firing fee)

Non Members

385 Visual Design

Dorothy Amore Pilla

What makes a piece of artwork “successful”? How do our eyes explore, or “read”, a work of art? Why does an artwork incite emotion and move the viewer? What is design and how does it come into play? Students will observe and discuss the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design vocabulary and how they work in the creation of visual art. Each week a visual presentation and class discussion will focus on some aspects of design, followed by a reinforcing hands-on activity. Both art appreciators and art makers may benefit from this course as each student may participate at her or his own level. There will be an assignment related to class work each week for further individual exploration of the day’s topic and will be followed by a class critique the next week. Students will keep a portfolio of their class work and homework for a final review session at the end of the course.

7/11–8/15 Wed 9:30–12:30
$195M $240NM 6 classes

Non Members

371 Digital Photography Start to Finish

Bruno Debas

Learn how to maximize the digital camera. Students will learn the fundamentals of exposure by taking advantage of the features and functionality specific to their own digital camera. This course will focus on the technical aspects of digital photography, including image file formats, lens selection, light metering, and developing your own digital workflow. You will build on your abilities week-to-week through various assignments created to reinforce the topics you’ve learned. Students should bring their cameras and manuals to class. Digital SLR cameras required.

7/10–8/21 Tue pm 7:00–9:00
$195M $240NM 7 classes

Non Members




402c Saturday Pastel Painting

Anne Heywood

Final chance to take this workshop! See description above.

6/16 Sat 9:30–4:00 1 class
$100M $145NM

Non Members

481b MeconoMorph Workshop

Viktor Genel

Another opportunity to take this fun workshop! See description above. Visit and watch the VIDEO before the workshop begins.

6/3 Sun 12:30–3:30
$60 1 class


403 Underlying Abstractions—Laying the Ground Work in Landscape Painting

Laurinda O’Connor

No matter your style, abstract, expressive, or realistic, a dynamic painting starts with a solid underlying structure. This is a one-day workshop designed for those working in pastel, oil, and acrylic. Through a series of exercises, we will deconstruct the landscape, simplify our scene, and capture its gesture as we design our painting from the ground up. We will build on our composition with our color decisions and mark making. Please bring photographs, medium of your choice, and a willingness to experiment on this fun and supportive journey though the landscape. Basic drawing skillsrequired.

7/28 Sat 9:00–4:00
$125M $170NM 1 class

Non Members

At the Clearing, Laurinda O'Connor


460 Fun with Felting

Patrice Kelley

The ancient Sumerian craft known as felting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and embraced as a fine art medium as well. Felting is the process of creating a form or material using interlocking fibers. Students designs are crafted through wet agitation and compression that causes fibers to hook together into a single piece of fabric. Students will explore needle felting and wet felting while learning appropriate language and fiber techniques.

7/21–7/22 Sat and Sun 12:30–3:30
$125M $170NM 2 classes

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

465 Large Scale Image Transfer
on Wood & Canvas

Kimberley Majury Albanese

Looking for a class that is a guaranteed winner? Interested in creating amazing art, even if you are not artistically gifted? Do you have a blank wall just waiting for the right large-scale image? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have just the class for you…If you answered “no” to this, you will want to discover how you can utilize image transfers as an inspiration for making unique works of art with a limited studio experience. Join us for an intensive one-day workshop to learn the craft of Large Scale Image Transfer, which involves transferring a photocopied image onto wood or canvas. We will experiment with the image transfer process and create a smaller work in the morning using wood, paper, and matte medium. For the remainder of the day students will enlarge, transfer, and distress an image of their own choosing onto a large piece of canvas. Upon registration students will be asked to email two chosen images to the instructor a week in advance of the workshop. This workshop routinely sells out—don’t delay your registration.

8/24 Fri 9:00–3:00
$125M $170NM 1 class

Non Members

470 Introduction to Portrait Photography

Bruno Debas

This fun and exciting workshop focuses on teaching students how to capture beautiful portraits using daylight. The instructor will introduce students to the most common lighting patterns and how to achieve them and the focus will be on creating exciting portraits. Students will serve as models themselves and help each other through the challenging process of making their subject feel comfortable in front of the camera. Tips on how to guide and pose your subject, framing, and lens selection will be discussed. Students need to provide their own digital SLR or advanced compact cameras.

7/21 Sat 10:00–2:30
$85M $130NM 1 class

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

472 Introduction to Time-Lapse

Bruno Debas


During this workshop attendees will learn how to properly calculate interval, length of time, and clip length to create stunning time-lapse movies. The workshop consists of a lecture about the technical aspects of creating a time-lapse image. The software used to create the time-lapse movie will also be introduced. This will be followed by a photography session in the field during which the group will be guided to create their own time-lapse movie. Certain cameras require an “Intervalometer” in order to shoot time-lapse. It is best purchased ahead of time (between $20.00 and $40.00 on Amazon) and should be purchased to correspond to the students’ camera along with two AAA batteries (usually). Please contact the teacher with any questions. This class is also available to high school students.
7/28 Sat 12:30-4:00
$85M $130NM 1 class

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

475 Social Media

Stephen Sheffield

Students will learn how and why to use popular social media networks to promote their art and grow their creative business using social media platforms. Students will learn tips to boost their message and attract the right people, as well as how to turn likes, followers and pins into customers and sales. Strategies will be presented on how to increase your social network using a handful of free tools effectively and without taking time away from creating meaningful art works. This workshop will primarily cover Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and it will also discuss YouTube, blogging, and Instagram Live and Facebook Live to get attendees ready to create their social media marketing strategy. This is an opportunity to connect with your fellow artists learn more and leave ready to apply your knowledge in your creative business

7/21 Sat 9:30–3:30
$125M $170NM 1 class

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

488 Color Theory Simplified

Judy Rossman

Through a series of structured sequential exercises, students will understand the basics of color mixing. This understanding will endow the student with skill and confidence in any color media he/she approaches including watercolor, oils, acrylics, oil pastels, colored pencil, and gouache. A simple still life will be completed utilizing techniques experienced in previous exercises.

7/8 and 7/15 Sun 11:00–4:00

$145M $190NM 2 classes
A $5.00 materials fee will be payable to the instructor.

Non Members


501 Forget the Details! Paint with Expression! A Pastel Workshop

Shelly Eager

Many of us seem to get so caught up with details—our lives are run by details—but our paintings should not! Spend two days with pastel artist Shelly Eager to learn new ways to let go of the details and paint the impression of a scene with expression. Shelly will guide students through many loosening-up activities and provide practical tips on how to let go of all the tightness we tend to paint with. You will feel freer and more energetic by the end of this workshop!

8/11–8/12 Sat and Sun 9:30–3:30
$235M $280NM 2 classes

Non Members

527 Small Format Landscape Drawing the Painting

Kathleen Jacobs

Come paint the inspiring landscape and embrace the exciting challenge of painting and drawing outdoors. Simple hikes will take class members to the riverbanks, the edge of marshes, and the coastline. Initially, there will be an emphasis on drawing the form and structure of the landscape, seeking a certain grace and order from nature. There will be an added emphasis on finding visual unity when composing a sketch that will eventually become a painting. Working small, participants will work quickly to build their paintings allowing the process of drawing from life to create work with a spirit of place. Students of intermediate to advanced levels are welcome, open to all painters using oil, watercolor, acrylic or gouache.

8/25–8/26 Sat, Sun 9:30–3:30
$235M $280NM 2 classes

Non Members

Early Fall, Firs and Oaks, Kathleen Jacobs

541 Monoprinting in the Sun

Dan Welden

This is a three-day intensive workshop using the solarplate process. Along with many “tricks of the trade,” participating artists will capture their heartfelt images in large format images with unique multiples. Dan Welden will demonstrate various methods of bringing surprise elements of printmaking onto fine quality paper. This workshop may prove to be revolutionary for the “conceptual artist” to witness, and at the same time, catapulting the emotion of the “experimental artist” into new dimensions. Please note: Solarplates will be available for purchase at 25% off regular pricing and should be ordered before July 11th.

7/21–7/23 Sat–Mon 9:30–4:00 3 classes
$450M $495NM Pre-Register

Non Members

560 Mixed Media: Personal Explorations

Gillian Frazier

This class explores a variety of mixed media techniques as participants learn to combine materials & express their own personal journeys or perspectives on current larger issues. We will use class & individual feedback sessions to generate new ideas & encourage experimentation through the use of different materials while utilizing accident & chance. Students will also be encouraged to explore new ways of seeing and self-expression by looking at historical and contemporary approaches to the creation of original artworks. Students will explore the use of collage, found objects, paint, drawing tools, Image transfer & gel printing. Students are also encouraged to bring in their own materials. All levels are welcome.

7/13–7/15 Fri–Sun 9:30–3:30

$350M $395NM 3 classes

Non Members


Attention Teachers! South Shore Art Center is approved by the Massachusetts Department of Education as a provider of Professional Development Points. We are pleased to provide a certificate of completion for any of our adult courses or workshops.