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• Please register early to avoid disappointment. You may register online at, call 781.383.2787 to register by phone with a credit card or see registration page for mail-in information. A $25 non-refundable registration fee is included in tuition. If a student cancels a registration at least ten days before a course or workshop begins, a refund will be granted. Visiting Artist Workshops require a 30 day cancellation notification.

• Students must provide their own materials for Adult Courses and Workshops unless noted.

• Young adults, 15 years and older, are welcome to enroll in most adult courses with the permission of the instructor.

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SSAC's Summer Online and On-Site Courses


“South Shore Art Center is committed to complying with CDC guidelines as we reopen to hold small classes on-site during COVID-19.


Beginning July 13th, 2020, the following procedures will be required of all individuals entering the art center:


• All individuals must be wearing a mask or face covering.

• All individuals will be asked to use hand sanitizer at the front desk.

• All individuals will have a temperature check at the front desk and   will be asked to sign a waver.

Additionally, we will be limiting the on-site class sizes and the total number of people allowed in the art center at one time to allow for social distancing. All studios, galleries and common areas will be cleaned and disinfected on a nightly basis. All frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, faucets etc will be periodically sanitized throughout the day.”


300a Basic Drawing / Beginner to Intermediate

Judy Rossman

This class is for beginners with minimum or no previous drawing experience. The emphasis will be on developing effective observational skills – to see like an artist – by observing the basic structure of one’s surroundings. Students will concentrate on a series of exercises to strengthen and reinforce such concepts as composition, light value, line and texture as these relate to the process of graphic expression. The ultimate goal is to broaden student understanding of the drawing process. Individual instruction will concentrate on students’ skill level. This class is also available to intermediate /advanced students who may wish to work independently with instruction only as needed.

9/15–10/6 Tue pm 1:00–3:30
$130M $175NM 4 classes

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300b Basic Drawing / Beginner to Intermediate

10/13–11/3 Tue pm 1:00–3:30
This class is a sequential extension of 300a.
$130M $175NM 4 classes

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301a Advanced Studio Drawing and Related Media

Judy Rossman

The ability to draw is not inherited; it is a learned skill. That ability is enhanced by the development of one’s observational skills. Being able to see the basic structure of all objects is the first step (similar to reading music). Through a series of exercises, assignments, and homework, students will strengthen their observational and drawing skills. Composition, value studies, line, texture, and color will broaden their understanding of the drawing process and how that process relates to other media. Class content is provided in a supportive environment with lots of one-on-one instruction. Continuing students welcome.

9/18–10/9 Fri pm 1:00–4:00
$150M $195NM 4 classes

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301b Advanced Studio Drawing and Related Media

301b Advanced Studio Drawing and Related Media
10/16-11/6 Fri pm 1:00–4:00
This class is a sequential extension of 301a.

$150M $195NM 4 classes

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302 Introduction to Pastel ONLINE

Laurinda O’Connor

Learn how to create beautiful paintings using soft pastels while working from your photographs of landscapes and occasional still life setups. Students will develop their own style and comfort level while learning the basics, including perspective, composition, color, and technique. Instruction will focus on demonstration, individual attention, and student need. This class is perfect for the beginner or those looking for a new medium of expression. Students are encouraged to bring their own photographic references and soft pastels.

9/15–11/3 Tue pm 1:00–4:00
$275M $320NM 8 classes

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303 Expressive Pastels ONLINE

Laurinda O’Connor

Let’s break away from tradition and have fun painting landscapes! In this class, students will go beyond their photo references and develop their own style while expressing themselves through their stroke, color choices, and composition. Instruction will be focused on demonstration and weekly exercises to encourage experimentation, along with individual instruction. Students are encouraged to bring their own photographic references. A supply list is available online. Previous experience is required.


9/15–11/3 Tue am 9:30–12:30

$275M $320NM 8 classes

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312 Water/Color Essentials: Technique and Color Theory ONLINE

Tara Connaughton


In this class we will explore watercolor hand-in-hand with color theory and color mixing using a simplified color palette, applicable to all mediums. Through demonstration, discussion, guided hands-on exercises, and fun practice projects, you will gain comfort with the fundamentals of watercolor technique and color mixing. We will look at artworks that illustrate various styles of watercolor painting; we will explore other water-soluble mediums such as gouache and watercolor pencils; and we will look at how these may be combined with watercolor for different effects. This class will follow a methodical approach that is perfect for beginners, and expansive enough to challenge those with some experience with watercolor. Artists looking to sharpen their color mixing skills and explore a new medium will also find this class rewarding. Homework will be assigned to reinforce classroom content and accelerate the learning process. No Class October 12.

9/21–11/16 Mon am 9:30-12:30
$275M $320NM 8 classes

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321 Plein-Aire Painting

Robert Beaulieu

Fall is a unique time to experience plein-aire painting. Color becomes richer as the days relax from the midday heat of the past summer. It’s a much more comfortable environment to enhance your plein-aire skills. This course is focused on the fundamentals of this method of spontaneous on-site landscape painting. Plein-aire locations will be selected from the towns of Cohasset, Scituate, and Hingham. Students will learn the uses of one-and two-point perspective and checkpoint drawing to emphasize correct proportion and dimension. Atmospheric perspective through the use of color and light values is an important aspect to be dwelled upon as well. During inclement weather, class instruction will be based on individual sketches, photographs, and model forms to facilitate composition concepts. A major goal of this class is the creation of picturesque content through the rich pictorial expression of light and shadow, color, and texture. The use of photography as a sketch medium will also be discussed. Individual critiques and concept development will be an integral part of this experience as well as the instructor creating a demo alongside of you to observe and learn. It’s a great opportunity for you to come home and show off that new outdoor expression that you captured on canvas! In case of inclement weather, make up outdoor classes will be available. No Class October 12

9/14 –10/26 Mon am 9:30-12:30
$215M $260NM 6 classes

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322 Continuing Acrylic ONLINE

Lisa Marder

This course is for continuing acrylic painters who want to further explore this versatile medium and develop their own artistic voice. Working from photographs, sketches, and observation, and using other artwork and artists as inspiration, students will explore both representation and abstraction while learning more about painting techniques and material. 

9/17–11/5 Thu am 9:30-12:30
$275M $320NM 8 classes

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323 Acrylic Painting: Basics and More ONLINE

Lisa Marder


Learn to develop your painting skills with this versatile medium. Through a variety of projects using photographs, master works, and still life, you will learn various acrylic techniques as well as how to create strong compositions. You will receive individual instruction as well as group critique in a supportive creative environment.

9/16–11/4 Wed am 9:30–12:30

$275M $320NM 8 classes

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324 Plein-Aire: Abstracting the Landscape

Kim Alemian

Pablo Picasso said: “There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.” In this exploratory and supportive environment, we will work through a series of exercises involving abstracting from nature, using line, shape, composition, and scale. A variety of experiments and problem-solving strategies to trigger new ideas will emerge. We will work out in the landscape, weather permitting. Oil painting is the preferred medium, though acrylic may also be used. This class is recommended for intermediate to advanced students. No class October 6.

9/29–11/10 Tue am 9:00-12:00
$275M $320NM 6 weeks

Members FULL
Non Members FULL

328 Realism to Abstraction ONLINE

Kim Alemian

Ever wonder how some artists make the leap from Realism to Abstraction? In this exploratory and supportive environment, we will experiment with varied approaches and techniques. Through working in series, looking at masterworks and discussion, students will discover various avenues of creating works of art. Students are encouraged to reference two or three meaningful still life objects or sketches to work with. Students must be familiar with their chosen materials.

10/01–11/05 Thu am 9:00-12:00
$275M $320NM 6 classes

326 Drawing Intensive Workshop ONLINE

Santiago Hernandez

Do you want to learn how to draw but don’t know where to begin? This workshop will focus on the essentials of drawing from observation as you learn the foundational skills you’ll need to be successful at drawing. First, drawing is seeing. Using still life as subject, we will sharpen our ability to see and record shapes and shadows as we render objects on the page. There will be discussions and demonstrations of various techniques and approaches to drawing including blocking, shading, perspective, and composition.

10/17–11/4 Sat am 9:30–12:30
$175M $220NM 4 classes

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343a Advanced Printmaking: A Deeper Look

Esther Maschio

With the thought of experimentation in mind, this course will explore combinations of already learned and well-practiced techniques in printmaking, along with new and alternative applications. Monoprinting, for example, will be explored as a four-color process, with transparent grounds combined with opaque inks, ghost images used as tonal prints and layered. In other examples, different print mediums will be explored with stencil overlays or with chine collé. The possibilities are endless with the addition of collage, solarplates, viscosity inking and mixed media alternatives. Students will select preferred combinations, then thoroughly explore the possibilities within that range. Some new materials will be introduced such a polyester ‘papers’, exotic grounds used as substrates for printing. Interactive discussions and participation makes this a dynamic format for learning something new every time. Put your gloves on and roll up your sleeves for some intensive learning in a highly supportive studio. 

 9/14–10/5 Mon am 9:00-12:00
$150M $195NM 4  classes

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343b Advanced Printmaking: A Deeper Look

Esther Maschio

Another opportunity to take “a deeper look” at printmaking.


10/19–11/9 Mon am 9:00-12:00

$150M $195NM 4  classes

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350a Introduction to Ceramics

Jeanne Wiley

For the beginning clay student, this course will introduce students to the techniques of coil, pinch, slab, wheel, and combinations of these techniques. Functional and non-functional pieces will be created, glazed, and fired. Texture, form, and surface treatment will be covered as part of the one-on-one instruction, reinforced by demonstrations of technique and process. (includes materials and firing fee)

9/18–10/16 Fri am 9:30–12:30
$215M $260NM 5 classes

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350b Introduction to Ceramics

Jeanne Wiley


Another opportunity to take this introduction to clay studies. (includes materials and firing fee)


10/23–11/20 Fri am 9:30–12:30

$215M $260NM 5 classes

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352a Potter’s Wheel & More

Jeanne Wiley

This ceramic class will cover wheel techniques as well as slab, coil, and hand building. Students will learn about surface decoration such as sgraffito, slip trailing, wax resists, and unique glaze combinations. Glaze applications will be demonstrated and independent projects are welcomed in this very supportive class, which is open to all students.

9/16–10/14 Wed pm 6:00–9:00
$215M $260NM 5 classes (includes materials and firing fee)

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352b Potter’s Wheel & More

Jeanne Wiley


Another opportunity to gain wheel experience. No class November 11. (includes materials and firing fee)

10/21–11/25 Wed pm 6:00–9:00

$215M $260NM 5 classes

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354a Clay Decorating Techniques

Ann Conte

Learn new ways to finish your clay pieces with image transfer, mono printing, photo lithography, sgraffito, and more. This class will allow you to expand your glazing repertoire. The first classes will focus on learning new techniques. Students will then be able to put their new knowledge into practice through their hand-built and wheel-thrown clay work. Prior clay experience is required to take this course. (includes materials and firing fee)

9/17–10/15 Thu pm 6:00–9:00
$215M $260NM 5 classes

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354b Clay Decorating Techniques

Ann Conte


Another chance to explore new clay techniques and expand your experience. (includes materials and firing fee)


10/22–11/19 Thu pm 6:00–9:00

$305M $350NM 5 classes

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355b Clay Work for the Beginner/Intermediate

Ann Conte

This course will introduce students to building with clay. Emphasis will be placed on design elements; shape, texture, line, and color. Learn wheel throwing techniques as well as hand building skills such as pinch, coil, and slab work. Functional as well as sculptural applications will be explored. (includes materials and firing fee)

9/15–10/13 Tue pm 6:00–9:00
$215M $260NM 5 classes

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355b Clay Work for the Beginner/Intermediate

Ann Conte

Another opportunity to explore the fundamentals of working with clay. (includes materials and firing fee)


10/20 –11/17 Tue pm 6:00–9:00

$215M $260NM 5 classes

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371 Basic Digital Photography—A New Beginning ONLINE

Keith Conforti


Learn how to unlock your creativity with your digital camera. Students will learn the fundamentals of photography by taking advantage of the features and functionality specific to their own digital camera. This course will focus on the technical aspects of digital photography: proper basic settings, lens selection, image file formats, exposure settings, and developing a digital workflow. Then we will explore the art of photography: composition, depth of field, storytelling, and leading lines. We will build on your abilities each week through various assignments created to reinforce the topics you’ve learned. Students should bring their cameras and manuals to class. Digital SLR cameras required, tripods recommended.

9/15–11/10 Tue pm 7:00–9:00
$235M $280NM 8 classes

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374 Intermediate Fine Art Photography—Special Projects ONLINE

Stephen Sheffield

Whether you are using a digital SLR or film camera, this hands-on course is about exploring the world of fine art photography. It is the next logical step for those who have already taken SSAC’s Basic Digital Photography class, or a comparable basic photography class. It is designed for those who are looking to explore their creative side and personal vision. Experienced artists are also welcome and will find the course as challenging as they desire. We will build on your knowledge and push you to expand your artistic vision. Beyond the exposure, structure and composition of your work, we will address personal style, artistic intent, creativity, and inspiration. Students can count on in-depth discussions about their ongoing work and look at the work of past and current artists. The intention is for artists of all levels, from film photographers to iPhone devotees, to work with ongoing or individual photographic projects and focus their learning on a subject that most interests them. No class October 12.

9/14–11/9 Mon am 9:00–11:00
$235M $280NM 8 classes

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375 The Altered Book: Exploring Mixed Media

Stephen Sheffield


Don’t write in that book! Don’t tear the pages! Don’t turn down the corner! Have you ever heard a teacher or librarian say those things? In this class we are throwing all that out the window and “breaking the rules.” We are turning books into art! We will alter used hard-backed books and turn them into works of art. Your book and its pages will be your canvas as you draw, paint, rip, burn, fold, stamp, and whatever else you can think of. If you like any type of art—collage, scrapbooking, stamping, or mixed media—then you will love making an altered book. The possibilities are absolutely endless for what your altered book can become. By using various coloring mediums, embellishments, and techniques, you can turn your book into a planner, an art journal, a shadowbox, or even into a scrapbook. Throughout the course, students will be exposed to original examples of artists books as well as works by modern masters. Instruction will be based on a weekly progression of the various techniques, procedures and applications required in creating an original altered book. Students will determine the direction and theme they will follow in the production of this artwork.


9/15–11/3 Tue am 9:00–11:00
$235M $280NM 8 classes

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376 Analog Fine Art Collage ONLINE

Stephen Sheffield  

This class will take you beyond the world of scrapbooks to fine art collage with a purpose. Each class will comprise guided live studio work and free-form discussion on current events, followed by a brief critique of past weeks’ work and assignment. Weekly assignments will be based on historical collage movements.

9/16–11/4 Wed am 9:00–11:00

$235M $280NM 8 classes

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Learning Lab

Adults & Children grades 5 and up


Develop your artistic skills, talent, and creativity! Our highly skilled artist-teachers will train you in techniques and use of tools and materials, to help unlock your own unique style. Customized instruction for beginners to advanced levels.


1. The cost for private 1 on 1 instruction is $50M $70NM per hour.


2. The cost for group instruction, with a maximum of 4 students, decreases to $35M $45NM per hour.


3. All learning lab sessions must be purchased in blocks of 5 2-hour sessions.
($500M $700NM private instruction. $350M $450 group instruction.)


4. Review the learning opportunities below to tailor your lessons.


5. Have fun!


Two-hour blocks. dates to be mutually determined by student and instructor and must be completed within the term.


Possibilities Include

801 BASIC DRAWING—This is the place to start. Everything stems from drawing.
802 BEGINNING PAINTING—Learn the wonders of color alchemy, slosh around in oil or acrylics. Make a mess or be neat. Compose on the stage of the canvas.
803 Self Portrait—Embrace your ever-changing expressions with charcoal, wire, and monoprints.
804 Life Drawing—Working from a clothed model—with gesture drawings to 30 minute poses—discover new ways to express the ever-moving form of the figure.
805 Pastel Landscape—Amp up the color of the landscape using soft pastels. Learn many techniques while creating beautiful landscape paintings.
806 Printmaking—Express your inner animal through printmaking. We will create multi-colored prints based on the animal in you.
807 SCRAPBOOKING—Collect your travel or memoir experiences and memories.
808 Photoshop (Mac Only)—Beginner or Intermediate, Photoshop CS4
809 Photo Elements (Mac Only) Adobe version 11 or 12
810 PowerPoint for Mac 2008 (docx) or 97–2004 (ppt)
811 Art Explorations for Teens
812 Portfolio Works in Progress
814 Artist Choice—Students will request their own medium and direction.
815 private lessons for students with special needs

Call to schedule sessions—781 383 2787

Studio Art Foundation Program

South Shore Art Center offers a new program for students looking to formalize their art studies. Upon completion of a specially designed curriculum, SSAC will award students a Certificate in Studio Art Foundation. Participants in the program will have ongoing support of Art Center faculty to evaluate work and assist in course selection. Certificate Students will have priority registration and be assisted in creating a portfolio of work from their selected courses for presentation and exhibition. They also will have the opportunity to exhibit at SSAC in Certificate Student shows. Courses must be completed within three years of registration. (One course, taken prior to January 2015 is eligible for inclusion in the Certificate Program.)

Registration fee for this program is $50.
Contact 781-383-2787 for more information.

First Year Focus
Basic Drawing (48 hours minimum)
Color Theory (10 hours minimum)
Intro to Painting (24 hours minimum Oil, Acrylic, or Watercolor)
Elective choice (24 hours)

Second Year Focus
Drawing II (24 hours minimum)
Art History (12 hours)
Painting Elective (24 hours minimum)
Elective choice (24 hours)

Elective Courses
Advanced Drawing (24 hours)
Printmaking (24 hours)
Photography (16 hours)
3D ceramics (24 hours)
Visiting Art Workshops (18 hours minimum)

Studio Art
Foundation Program

Professional Development

Attention Teachers! We are pleased to provide a certificate of completion for any of our adult courses or workshops.