Members' Show Awards

Festival 2023 Members' Show Awards:


Lissa Cramer, Director, Boston University Art Galleries


Members Grand Prize: The Red Dog, Pia Bertola

Awards of Excellence:

Untitled, Kevin Belanger
Autumn Tendrils, Jennifer Hussin

Symphony of the Wave, Karen Pinard

Morning Reflections, Donna Rossetti-Bailey

Honorable Mentions:

Cosmos, Donna Calleja
Stillness, Donna Haig Friedman
929 Millibars, Donna Ingemanson
Vectors, Rob Leaver

Young Artist Awards, Grades 9-12:
1st Prize: Digitized, Hannah Nicholls

2nd Prize: Roxanne, Julia Levenson
3rd Prize: Through the Camera, Gabriella Bethony

Honorable Mention:
In My Mind, Anna McCowan


Ros Farbush Color Award:

Road to Giverny, Dassie Abelson



Young Adult Awards, Grades K-4, and 5-8, will be judged by SSAC’s Artist in Residence Sally Dean




NOTE: Purchased all works may be picked up at SSAC. If shipping is required, contact for shipping fees.