Juried Accepted Works


Festival 2023 Juried Show

Jury Panel:
Rita Fucillo, Publisher, Art New England
David Lee Black, Photographer & Sculpture Artist
Virginia Mahoney, Contemporary Visual Artist


Accepted Works:

Susan Ahearn, Octopuses Romance, Collage
Joan Appel, At the Edge, Monotype
Trish Baggott, Before the Canal, Mixed Media
Marcia Ballou, Friendship, Collage
Maggie Barrett, People Watching, Oil
Robert Beaulieu, So...The Boston Beanies were where, Oil on Panel
Kevin Belanger, Along the Seawall, Black & White Photography
Joreen Benbeneck, Summer on the River, Oil
Stephen Boczanowski, Light in the Window, Acrylic
Matthias Bodnar, Lotus Bowl Wall, Clay
Sally Bousquet, Sea Wings, Photography
Sally Bousquet, Tulip Season, Photography
Sally Bousquet, New Beginnings, Wet Cyanotype
James Burke, Rooster and Fruit, Acrylic
Joyce Caggiano, That's My Cracker!, Graphite Drawing
Paul Carley, Quietly Munching, Acrylic
Eileen Casey, Nightsong, Pastel
JoAnne Chittick, Surf, Oil & Cold Wax
Nancy Colella, Roadside Attraction, Oil
Nancy Colella, Blue Sky Barn, Oil
Keith Conforti, Spare Time, Photography
Keith Conforti, Health Care System, Photography
Keith Conforti, What Lies Within, Photography
Keith Conforti, Cell Structure, Photography
Nancy Connolly, Wild Garden 2, Monotype
David Cucinotta, Summer Tide, Pastel,
David Cucinotta, Beach Meeting #2, Pastel
Constance Cummings, Incoming, Pastel
Janet Delonga, Arrow-wood, Watercolor
Janet Delonga, Sweet Pepperbush, Watercolor
Karen Dunderdale, Cinderella, Watercolor
Karen Dunderdale, Susan's House, Watercolor,
Nermin Ektirici, Istanbul Bazaar (Reproduction), Watercolor
Tamar Etingen, Untitled, Monotype Gelatin
Tamar Etingen, Eclipse, Monotype Gelatin
Tamar Etingen, Radius, Monotype Gelatin,
Jack Foley, Hello, Photography
Keren Fortier, Up & Down, Photography on Metal
Keren Fortier, Natural Grid, Photography on Metal
Donna Friedman, Uplift, Acrylic
Donna Goes, Sneaky Pete, Fused plastic bags & stitching
Donna Goes, Farmer's Market, Fused plastic bags & stitching
Denise Byrnes Graham, Beach House, Oil
John Grant, "1 - 4 - 3", Photography
Douglass Gray, Three Stars for the Spring Moon, Steel Sculpture
Betty Greene, The Waters Beyond, Fiber
Larry Guilmette, Pdiii, Mixed Media

Larry Guilmette, Pdi, Mixed Media
Larry Guilmette, Two Moon Outing, Monoprint
Becky Haletky, Wired, Watercolor
Becky Haletky, Eat Here, Get Gas, Mixed Media
Jack Haran, Fish Beach Swim, Watercolor
Jack Haran, Painting at Fish Beach, Watercolor
Jack Haran, Lighting, Drawing
Jack Haran, Sophie, Drawing
Jack Haran, Rope Shed, Watercolor
Owen Hartford, Sunday Time, Photography
Owen Hartford, Last Year's Hostas, Photography
Jim Henderson, Sloth, Sand cast Aluminum
Virginia Holloway, Heat Wave, Fiber - Art Quilt
Beth Kerner, Family Ties (triptych), Acrylic & Mixed Media
Moey Lane, Outside Orange Shade, Oil Pastel
Alexandra Leaver, Underwater Gathering, Mixed Media / Ink Drawing
Alexandra Leaver, Smokin', Mixed Media / Ink Drawing
Whit Leffel, Birds in Flight, Acrylic
Ken Lindren, Manta Ray, Wood
Kelly Carey MacDonald, Martini Time, Mixed Media
Kimberley Majury, Pop Rocket Twins, Acrylic
Christine Marohn, Prism, Mixed Media
Christine Marohn, Westward, Oil
Frances McDermott, Radishes & Carrots, Photography
Jan McElhinny, Glow, Oil
Jan McElhinny, Legato, Oil
Jan McElhinny, Ivce Fredda, Oil
Jan McElhinny, Verde, Oil
Paul Mogan, Old North River, Watercolor
Marguerite Moore, Driftway, Oil,
Joy O'Keefe, Country Road, Oil & Cold Wax
Linda Osborne, Autumn Energy, Oil
Dorothy Pentheny, A Busy Day at Turkey Hill, Oil
Anthony Pilla, In Winter. In the Woods, Monoprint
Anthony Pilla, Heaven and Earth - Sicilian Landscape, Woodcut
Karen M. Pinard, Beneath the Surface, Watercolor & Monotype
Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Keeping it Together, Oil
Elizabeth Ann Rochford-Long, Extremophiles, Mixed Media
Elizabeth Ann Rochford-Long, Quilting Bee, Mixed Media
Elizabeth Ann Rochford-Long, Dark Delicious Dormancy, Mixed Media
Judy Rossman, Rhythm in Nudes, Mixed Media
Dennis Roth, Silencio 19, Archival Pigment Print
Elise Russo, Repulse the Monkey, Oil
Kelly Russo, Candy Clouds, Acrylic
Stephen Sheffield, Double Daydream, Collage
Stephen Sheffield, Smoke, Shame, Shake III, Mixed Media
Jim Spelman, Untitled, Color Photography
Jim Spelman, Barnard's Barn, Color Photography
Maureen Spinale, Down by the River, Acrylic
Mary St. Sauveur, Around the Block, Pen & ink
Tina Watson, In Bloom, Mixed Media
Annemarie Whilton, Roundstone, Acrylic
Marie Wilkes, Waiting at South Station, Pen & ink


Awards, Festival Juried Show 2023

Best in Show: Whit Leffel, Birds in Flight

1st Place: Becky Haletky, Wired
2nd Place: Janet Delonga, Sweet Pepperbush
3rd Place: Karen Dunderdale, Cinderella

Printmaking & Mixed Media:
1st Place: Anthony Pilla, In Winter. In the Woods
2nd Place: Donna Goes, Farmer's Market
3rd Place: Alexandra Leaver, Underwater Gathering

1st Place: Keith Conforti, Cell Structure
2nd Place: Sally Bousquet, Tulip Season
3rd Place: Keith Conforti, Spare Time

Oil & Acrylic:
1st Place: Denise Byrnes Graham, Beach House
2nd Place: Nancy Colella, Roadside Attraction
3rd Place: Maureen Spinale, A Place of Belonging

Drawing & Pastel:
1st Place: Marie Wilkes, Waiting at South Station
2nd Place: Mary St. Sauveur, Around the Block
3rd Place: Joyce Caggiano, That's My Cracker!


1st Place: Elizabeth Ann Rochford-Long, Quilting Bee

Fabric Arts:
1st Place: Betty Greene, The Waters Beyond



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