68th.Arts Festival 2023

June 16 - 18

Arts Festival

SOUTH SHORE ART CENTER Arts Festival - 2023

Save the date for the 68th Annual South Shore Arts Festival on Cohasset Town Common:
Father's Day Weekend, June 16-18, 2023



A salient part of what makes our Arts Festival a festival is the 'art village' of nearly 100 craft exhibitors from throughout New England and beyond who showcase and sell their original art, craft and designs to the 14,000 Festival goers each year. We invite you to apply to be one of these craft exhibitors!

Dec 12: Early Applications Due
Dec 19: Early Notifications Sent
Feb 5: Late Applications Due
Feb 13: Notifications Sent on Late Applicants
March 1: Booth Fees Due

June 16-18: 68th SSAC Arts Festival on Cohasset Common

Please upload images showing current work that you will have for sale, if accepted. You should upload five (5) images in total, to include four (4) images of work and one (1) of booth set-up. Please also include a description of your images as well as a price point for each piece shown. An artist statement is always helpful to the jury. Application fees are non-refundable.

To apply, please use the Smarter Entry link below:
Click here to submit your application

Booth Fees, if accepted are:

$425 Booth Fee

$500 Corner Booth Fee

Exhibitor Standards

• All work must be handmade using original designs

• Acceptable media includes decorative and wearable fiber, leather, wood, glass, sculpture, basketry, metal, jewelry, printmaking, ceramics & paper

• Fine art and photography are acceptable, but these media will be limited to no more than 10% of the exhibitors because of the concurrent Art Center exhibitions

• Unacceptable work includes imported goods, flower arrangements, and crafts made from kits or unoriginal designs

• Booth space cannot be sublet to other artists nor can exhibitiors act as a dealer for other artists or manufactures

Jury Process

A jury will review entries to ensure handcrafted work is the original and of the highest quality. Acceptance into the Arts Festival is at the discretion of the jury and the management of South Shore Art Center. Previous exhibitors will receive special consideration but are not guaranteed admission.

Refund Policy

If accepted and unable to commit to the show, a refund may be obtained before May 1, less a $50 cancellation fee. After May 1, a $75 credit will be given toward the 2024 Arts Festival.

Insurance, Safety and Security

Exhibitors are responsible for their own insurance. All displays must be fireproof and there can be no use of open flame. Overnight security is contracted by South Shore Art Center.

Layout / Operations

The Arts Festival is held out-of-doors, rain or shine. Each exhibitor must provide a set-up to accommodate a 10' x 10' square space, including weather protection. All booths are on grass. Set-up begins at 8:00 am on Friday, June 16, the Festival opens at 1:00 pm. Accommodations can be made for a limited number of exhibitors to have access to electricity.

About South Shore Art Center

Founded is 1955, South Shore Art Center's mission is to enrich the communities south of Boston by engaging artists and by fostering an understanding and appreciation of the visual arts through exhibitions and education. For 67 years, we have worked tirelessly to meet this mission by installing thought-provoking exhibitions; hosting unforgettable events; providing a space for making art; offering courses and workshops to assist artistic growth and journeys; and presenting our regional Arts Festival.

Exhibitors must agree to the following guidelines:

• All work displayed at my booth is my creation

• I will not sublet my booth space or any portion of my booth or act as a dealer for other artists or manufacturers

• All displays will be fireproof and I will have no open flames

• I understand I must provide my own insurance

• I understand that the Arts Festival is held out-of-doors, rain or shine

• I agree to comply with all state and local regulations


SSAC Arts Festival




About South Shore Art Center

A non-profit organization formed in 1954, South Shore Art Center is dedicated to enriching the communities south of Boston by fostering an understanding and appre­ciation of the visual arts through exhibitions and educa­tion. In addition to a nationally-recognized exhibition program, the Art Center offers courses and workshops for adults and children, and enrichment programs to area schools.


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