April 8 - May 22


PIVOT - National Juried Exhibition
juried by Katherine French, Gallery Director, Catamount Arts
April 8 thru May 22

Virtual Opening: Thursday, April 8, 7:00 pm via FB Videos










"Grasp the Nettle" Lori Mehta




"Embraced by a Seventeen Foot Wave" Kaitlin Thurlow

"Verdant Promise" Kaitlin Thurlow

A Drone Dropped This On My Lawn" Kaitlin Thurlow




"NEST" Marcia Ballou





"White Orchid" Beverly Rippel

Endurable Gyrations" Drew Gaffney


"Realm of Possibilities #79" Diana Godfrey

"Realm of Possibilities #81" Diana Godfrey


"Isolated Bubbles" Jess Hurely Scott

"Agitation" Jess Hurely Scott


"Spring Dance" Susan Ahearn


"Fruit Box" Donna Calleja

Clementines" Donna Calleja







Susan Ahearn, Spring Dance
Martin R Anderson, Say Their Names!

Joan Appel, Jan 6, 2021
Marcia Babler, In This Together
Marcia Ballou, NEST
Rita S. Berkowitz, Resurgence
Bart Blumberg, Reflection
Sally Bousquet, No School Today
Pamela Bower-Basso, This is America: Demanding Change
Catherine Caddigan, Sometimes I Don't Know Where I Am Headed
Donna Calleja, Fruit Box
Donna Calleja, Clementine at Home
JoAnne Chittick, Work Stop 1

Donald Cooper, Stuck In A Groove

David Cucinotta, That Moment

Ruth Davis, When We Get This Close
Sally Dean, Treyvon Martin

Susan Denniston, I Miss You So Much

Sandra DIck, Spectral Presence I

Kathleen Dunn, Betsy In Seclusion

Carol Egan Dupont, Drifting to Sleep

Russell duPont, For Here Lies Juilet...

Kathleen Folino, Golden Thicket

Donna Haig Friedman, Loss and Passage

Drew Gaffney, Endurable Gyrations

John Galt, Cupie

Diana Godfrey, Realm of Possibilities #79

Diana Godfrey, Realm of Possibilities #81

Virginia Holloway, Before After

Marguerite Houseworth, Forward

Kata Hull, Core

Roxane Hynek, Somewhere in the Universe 1

Gretchen Keyworth, The Donald

Jennifer Lee, Sneaky Cerise

Kristen Lombardo, Whirl
C.J. Lori, Autumn Passing
B. Glee Lucas, Erased
Mary Marley, Headlong

Jan McElhinny, Comeback

Jan McElhinny, Axis

Lori Mehta, Grasp the Nettle

Marguerite Moore, Pinwheel II

Lori Moretti, Doreen

Jennifer Murphy, Bloom

Paul Murray, Reunited!

Alice Nicholson Galick, Sediments at Turning Tide
Marie Peters, LoosenUp

Mallie Pratt, Hairy Arnica

Lynn Ray, In the Thick of Things

Beverly Rippel, White Orchid

Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Bloom

Margaret Rosenbaum, Lockdown Breakout #2 3/19/20

Dennis Roth, Tools of the Trade VII

Jessica Hurley Scott, Isolated Bubbles

Jessica Hurley Scott, Agitation

Ellen Shattuck Pierce, Pandemic Month 11

Kaitlin Thurlow, Embraced by a Seventeen Foot Wave

Kaitlin Thurlow, Verdant Promises

Kaitlin Thurlow, A Drone Dropped This on My Lawn

James C Varnum, Spin

Pamela Webster-Walsh, Beach Guard Post

Lara Williams, Snow Glow






Shipping, return shipping and a handling fee for shipped work are the responsibility of the artist - delivery by April 2. Hand delivered work drop off: March 31 - April 2, 10:00 - 4:00. Shipped work returned by June 1, 2021.

A handling fee of $25 is required for shipped artwork. Please label the back of your work with your name and title of the work, dimensions and price so we can match it up with your Smarter Entry info.


PICK UP: Hand delivered works may be picked up May 26-28, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Artists should contact SSAC if they need to pick up works outside this established schedule.



Two-dimensional works must be professionally presented and firmly wired. No sawtooth hangers, no sandwich frames. 3-D work should include a sturdy pedestal.



I understand that South Shore Art Center will insure work accepted to the extent of 60% of the artist’s stated value while the work is in the Art Center’s custody and control.