Apr 17–May 28  National Juried Show – White|Black|Monochrome, Juror—Beth Urdang, Owner, Beth Urdang Gallery—Boston & Wellesley

Apr 21                         OPENING RECEPTION, 6–8PM
DILLON GALLERY:  Color Theories—Robert Brodesky, Sally Dean, Ray Genereux, Andrea Kemler, Judy St. Peter
FACULTY FEATURE: Brian Fitzgerald



Accepted Artists and Works
E. J. Barnes, The Plague (Page 3 of 7)
E. J. Barnes, Caroline's Catalog (Page 7 of 25)
Sally Bousquet, Magnified
Robert Burns, Left
Catherine Caddigan, Change and Exchange
Mary Casey, Eye For Detail
Kathi Cummings, Light as a Feather
Leah Deprizio, BOTANICAL
Leah Deprizio, APPARITION
Darlene DeVita, Ellen with Rainbow Hawk-eye
Mark Dierker, Despair
Wesley Ennis, Lee Chemo
Jack Foley, Guidance
Betty Carroll Fuller, The Nuptial Flight of the Queen Bee
Lara Gastinger, Collections
George S Gati, Sandscape 1
Laurie Goodhart, Two Figures And Several Vessels
Ed Grossman, Missoula Mist
Roy Haddock, SanFrancisco de Asis Mission Church

Navidreza Haghighimood, "Lost generation"
Navidreza Haghighimood, untitled
Navidreza Haghighimood, "He becomes famous"
William Hall, Memories
Kate Hannon, Erica
Rebecca Hayes, untitled
Sara Holbrook, Lunch Break
Donna Ingemanson, White Butterfly
Angela Kleis, Bike
Karen LaFleur, Rapunzel
Peggy Roth Major, Black Over White
Peggy Roth Major, Poppy Shadow
Keith Martin, Installation #64
Keith Martin, Symmetry Vase
Keri McAndrews, Hotel Hallway
Keri McAndrews, Warp Speed
Carrie Megan, Rosemary & Sage

Gloria King Merritt, Steel and Glass
Gloria King Merritt, Tidal Moon

Judith Montminy, Why Not?
Paul Murray, Remedies Of The Past
Gail Marie Nauen, Pond Reflections
Terri Nickerson, Remembrance
Jane Paulson, Identity
Jane Paulson, Sacred Geometry: Circles II
Marie Peters, Contrasts
Maryanne Pollock, Groove
Diana Barker Price, Pod
John Roman, Henry David Thoreau's Concord, circa 1845
Kim Saucier, Timeless Beauty
Walter Schuppe, Under the Bright Lights
Walter Schuppe, Hair Brain
Stephen Sheffield, The I and the Not I
Rebecca Skinner, Power Plant
Suzanne Stumpf, Pod II
Suzanne Stumpf, Diatoms II
Andrew Swift, California Beach Town




Participating Artists & Works


Sally Bousquet,

Magnified, 2017

Photography: Digital image capture 15x22x0



E. J. Barnes

The Plague (Page 3 of 7), 2011

Drawing Media, 16x12x0



E. J. Barnes

Caroline's Catalog (Page 7 of 25), 2012

Drawing Media, 17.25x13.5x0



Robert Burn

Left, 2017

Photographic film 9x12x0



Catherine Caddigan
Change and Exchange, 2017

Photography, 14x10x1



Mary Casey
Eye For Detail, 2015

Digital image capture 2048x2048x0



Kathi Cummings

Light as a Feather, 2016

Digital image capture 12x12x0




Leah Deprizio


Sculpture 24x11x11



Leah Deprizio


Sculpture 24x8x6




Darlene DeVita

Ellen with Rainbow Hawk-eye, 2016

Digital image capture 16x20x0



Mark Dierker

Despair, 2016

Digital image capture 24x16x0


Wesley Ennis

Lee Chemo, 2011

Photographic Media: Gicle'e 20x16x0









Jack Foley

Guidance, 2017

Digital image capture 20x16x1



Betty Carroll Fuller

The Nuptial Flight of the Queen Bee, 2016
Drawing Media 30x5x10



Lara Gastinger

Collections, 2016

Painting Media: Watercolor 37x17x1


George S Gati

Sandscape 1, 2017

Digital image capture 16x20x0




Laurie Goodhart

Two Figures And Several Vessels, 2017

Oil paint 31x23x0





Roy Haddock

SanFrancisco de Asis Mission Church, 2013

Digital image capture 21x28x1




Ed Grossman

Missoula Mist, 2015

Photographic Media: Inkjet 18x18x1



Rebecca Hayes

untitled, 2016

Digital image capture 10x10x0


Navidreza Haghighimood

He becomes famous, 2012

Digital image capture 16x21x0


Sara Holbrook

Lunch Break, 2016

Digital image capture 20.5x20.5x1



Navidreza Haghighimood

Lost generation, 2011

Digital image capture 16x21x0



Donna Ingemanson

White Butterfly, 2016

Print Making: Monotype 30x22x0


Navidreza Haghighimood

untitled, 2013

Digital image capture 16x21x0



Karen LaFleur

Rapunzel ,2011

Print Making: Inkjet printer 38.5x32.5x0


William Hall

Memories, 2015

Photography 16x20x2



Angela Kleis

Bike, 2016

Photography: Photographic film 8x12x0



Peggy Roth Major

Black Over White, 2017

Photography: Digital image capture 20x20x0



Peggy Roth Major

Poppy Shadow, 2017

Photography: Digital image capture 20x16x0



Keith Martin

Symmetry Vase, 2015

Sculpture: Clay 11x7x7



Keith Martin

Installation #64, 2016

Sculpture: Clay 8x8x0.25


Keri McAndrews

Hotel Hallway, 2016

Photography: Digital image capture 12x18x0


Keri McAndrews

Warp Speed, 2016

Photography: Digital image capture 12x18x0


Carrie Megan

Rosemary & Sage, 2015

Drawing Media: Graphite 7.5x6x0


Gloria King Merritt

Tidal Moon, 2017

Painting Media, 40x40x0


Gloria King Merritt

Steel and Glass, 2015

Drawing Media, 24x20x0



Judith Montminy

Why Not?, 2014

Photography: Digital image capture 11x14x0



Paul Murray

Remedies Of The Past, 2015

Photography: Digital image capture 15.5x19.75x0



Gail Marie Nauen

Pond Reflections, 2016

Print Making: Etching 5x8x0.5


Terri Nickerson

Remembrance, 2016

Photography: Digital image capture 14x11x0



Jane Paulson

Identity, 2016

Sculpture: Paperboard 16x14x1.5



Jane Paulson

Sacred Geometry: Circles II, 2017

Sculpture: Paperboard 25x25x1


Marie Peters

Contrasts, 2017

Photography: Scanography 10x8x0



Maryanne Pollock

Groove, 2016

Painting Media: Acrylic paint 22x30x1


Diana Barker Price

Pod, 2016

Photography: Digital image capture 12x12x0


John Roman

Henry David Thoreau's Concord, circa 1845 2006

Drawing Media: Pen and ink 22x32x1



Kim Saucier

Timeless Beauty, 2016

Drawing Media: Graphite 23x19x0



Walter Schuppe

Under the Bright Lights, 2017

Photography: Digital image capture 19x13x0



Walter Schuppe

Hair Brain, 2016

Photography: Digital image capture 20x16x0


Stephen Sheffield

The I and the Not I, 2016

Photography: Digital image capture 62x48x1



Rebecca Skinner

Power Plant, 2016

Photography: Digital image capture 16x24x0.5



Suzanne Stumpf

Pod II ,2016

Sculpture: Clay 2.25x14.5x8



Suzanne Stumpf

Diatoms II, 2015

Sculpture: Clay 3.5x12.75x12.75



Andrew Swift

California Beach Town, 2017

Photographic Media: Gicle'e 14x11x0






Important dates:
March 1: Deadline to enter.
March 15: Accepted entries notified by email and posted on website.
April 7: Work must be delivered at SSAC
June 2: Work returned

JPEG SIZING: Image size for entry on Smarter Entry: Images should be at least 1280 pixels in the longest dimension at 72 ppi, file size not to exceed 2 MB.

FEES: $25 for up to 3 entries, $35 for 4, $45 for 5

First Prize $500
Second Prize $300
Third Prize $200
Four Awards of Merit @ $50 each

ALL WORKS MUST BE FOR SALE. South Shore Art Center receives 40% of the purchase price. Please submit only work that will be available at the time of the exhibition and will remain for its entirety. No accepted entry may be withdrawn prior to the close of the exhibition. No pricing changes will be allowed after acceptance. Living artists only. Work that is copied or done under the guidance of an instructor is not eligible. Entries must not have been previously exhibited at SSAC or the SSAC Arts Festival. If the work does not fully reflect what is represented on the jpeg, South Shore Art Center reserves the right to eliminate it from the exhibition.

Two-dimensional work must be professionally presented and firmly wired. No sawtooth hangers, no sandwich frames. 3-D work should include a sturdy pedestal.

Accepted entries will be notified by email and posted on the website by March 15. If for any reason you do not receive your notification by the notification date, please check the junk mail folder in your email account. Shipping instructions will be sent by email.

DELIVERY and return of accepted artwork
Shipping, return shipping and a handling fee for shipped work are the responsibility of the artist. Delivery instructions will accompany email notification of acceptance (Delivery by April 7, 2017–Work returned by June 2 , 2017). A handling fee of $25 is required for shipped artwork.

I understand that South Shore Art Center will insure work accepted to the extent of 60% of the artist’s stated value while the work is in the Art Center’s custody and control.

Submission to White | Black | Monochrome constitutes an agreement with all conditions of this show. South Shore Art Center reserves the right to photograph an accepted work for publicity purposes. South Shore Art Center reserves the right to reject any work not resembling the submitted entry or work that is not ready to be shown according to the aforementioned specifications.