Arts.Festival Juried

June 2020

Arts Festival 2020 Juried Show


Juried Show Juror: Jessica Burko, Program Manager and Curator, Photographic Resource Center

Bio: Jessica Burko has been an exhibiting artist since 1985 and is the Program Manager and Curator of the Photographic Resource Center in Cambridge, MA. Burko is also an independent curator with more than thirty exhibitions produced since 2000 including STITCH featured in the 2017–18 Curatorial Opportunities Program at the New Art Center, Newton, MA, and she was the Carole Calo Gallery Director at Stonehill College from 2000–06. In addition to these endeavors, Burko supports artists in achieving their creative and professional goals through Arts Marketing lectures, workshops, and partnerships with organizations such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Mass MoCA’s Assets for Artists Program. Jessica Burko holds a BFA in Fine Art Photography from Rhode Island School of Design, and an MFA in Imaging Arts and Science from Rochester Institute of Technology.


Our Annual Arts Festival Juried Show will be held virtually on the SSAC website, June 26, 27 & 28! The page will remail up until July 7. Stay tuned for the images live on the 26th of June!


Award Winners


Accepted Artists and Works


Best Of Show
Stephen Sheffield—Koalemos


Oil and Acrylic Painting
1st Christine Marohn—Apples and Ironstone
2nd Ruth Davis—The World’s Alright With Me
3rd Jan McElhinny—Les Saintes


1st John Sullivan—Rexhame Riverside
2nd Stephanie Roberts-Camello—Looks Like Rain
3rd Kate Heald—Orchid Gem


Drawing and Pastel
1st Maureen Spinale—Tree Spirits
2nd Donna Rossetti-Bailey—August Morning
3rd David Cucinotta—Clouds In The Sand


1st Joan Drescher—Purple Majesty
2nd Kathy Folino—Blessing Bird
3rd Donna Ingemanson—Untitled 328


Color Photography and Digital Media
1st Keith Conforti—No Good Options
2nd Michael Corthell—Dune Fence Dawn
3rd Thomas Pickarski—Landscape No. 26


Black and White Photography
1st Sara Holbrook—Fine Art at the MFA
2nd Julie Rothman—Catchlight
3rd Laurie France—Eggs


Susan Ahearn—Green Notes

Kimberley Albanese—FLOW

Marcia Ballou—Yellow Flower #2

Dana Barunas—Triumvirate

Rita S Berkowitz—Healing Waters

Sally Bousquet—Through It All

Carol Branton—Etude in Blue and Brown

Margot Cheel—Cape Cod Bay Blues

Nancy Colella—Room By The Sea

Heather Collins—The Chosen Path

Joan Collins—Dogwood Days

Joan Collins—Nature's First Green

Keith Conforti—No Good Options

Keith Conforti—Violent Female Ward

Ann Conte—Vessel #1

Michael Corthell—Dune Fence Dawn

David Cucinotta—Clouds In The Sand

David Cucinotta—Wooded White Water

Ruth Davis—The world's alright with me

Susan Dragoo Lembo—On Guard

Joan Drescher—Purple Majesty

Kathleen Folino—Blessing Bird

Laurie France—Eggs

Donna Haig Friedman—Azaleas in the Fells

Janice Gallinger—Brokedown Palace

Marcia Geier—Diane on Toes

Marc Goldring—Tree and Roots, Charles River

Lisa Goren—Bull Kelp, Antarctica, #1

Denise Byrnes Graham—Borrowed Light

Larry Guilmette—ChBrz 3

Susan Hagstrom—Easter Sunrise Service

Becky Haletky—Mr. wedding Cake

Kate Hanlon—Passerby

Kate Hanlon—Monhegan Flower Gardens

Kate Heald—Orchid Gem




Sara Holbrook—Fine Art at the MFA

David Holt—Gurnet light over Long Beach

Wilson Hunt—Nexus

Roxane Hynek—Portals with Figure 2

Donna Ingemanson—Untitled #265a

Donna Ingemanson—Untitled #328

Christine Marohn—Apples and Ironstone

Kay Kopper—Mentha spicata, Spearmint

Kay Kopper—Three-toed Sloth

Judy Laliberte—Shadow and Light

Mary Marley—Impromptu

Jan McElhinny—Les Saintes

Lori Moretti—Spring Interior

Dorothy Amore Pilla—Dance Duet

Thomas Pickarski—Landscape no. 26

Karen Pinard—Suummer Wave

Page Railsback—GOODS

Lynn Ray—Coffee Break

Lisa Redburn—Garden Water Tapestry: Spring Greens

Stephanie Roberts-Camello—Looks like rain

Sarah Roche—Weeping pear—pyrus salicifolia

John Roman—The House at Walden Pond

Donna Rossetti-Bailey—August Morning

Julie Rothman—Catchlight

Julie Rothman—Through the Peephole

Julie Rothman—Three Amigos

Julie Rothman—Locked Out

Karen Rothman—March On

Eileen Rotty—The Sky is Falling

Stephen Sheffield—Koalemos

Maureen Spinale—Tree Spirits

Vcevy Strekalovsky—Morning Commute

John Sullivan—Prince Edward Island, Canada

John Sullivan—Rexhame Riverside

Lara Williams—Silver Linings




Purchase works here. To see larger images of the works use this link to our Adobe Spark site.

Arts Festival 2020 Juried Show


Susan Ahearn
Green Notes, 2020
Oil & Acrylic Painting, 6.25x6.25x0
$ 625

Kimberley Albanese
FLOW, 2019
Mixed Media/3 D, 2.5x3.5x0.25
$ 150

Marcia Ballou
Yellow Flower #2, 2020
Mixed Media/3 D, 40x30x1
$ 2000

Dana Barunas
Triumvirate, 2018
Drawing & Pastels, 12x16x2
$ 700

Sally Bousquet
Through It All, 2019
Color Photography/Digital Media, 20x26x1
$ 500

Rita S Berkowitz
Healing Waters, 2020
Drawing & Pastels, 18x24x2
$ 695

Carol Branton
Etude in Blue and Brown, 2020
Mixed Media/3 D, 5x4x0.25
$ 300


Margot Cheel
Cape Cod Bay Blues, 2018
Color Photography/Digital Media, 24x36x0.25
$ 750


Nancy Colella
Room By The Sea, 2020
Oil & Acrylic Painting, 12x12x1
$ 850


Heather Collins
The Chosen Path, 2020
Drawing & Pastels, 12x18x0
$ 800


Joan Collins
Dogwood Days, 2020
Photography, 18x13x1
$ 475


Joan Collins
Nature's First Green, 2020
Color Photography, 12x12x1
$ 475


Keith Conforti
No Good Options, 2020
Color Photography/Digital Media, 18x24x1
$ 450


Keith Conforti
Violent Female Ward, 2020
Color Photography/Digital Media, 18x24x1
$ 450


Ann Conte
Vessel #1, 2020
Mixed Media/3 D, 12x6x2
$ 195


Michael Corthell
Dune Fence Dawn, 2018
Color Photography/Digital Media, 20x16x0
$ 295


David Cucinotta
Clouds In The Sand, 2020
Drawing & Pastels, 11x11x1


David Cucinotta
Wooded White Water, 2020
Drawing & Pastels, 15x11x1
$ 3800


Ruth Davis
The world's alright with me, 2020
Oil & Acrylic Painting, 40x30x2
$ 2300


Joan Drescher
Purple Majesty, 2018
Printmaking, 22x25x0
$ 1500


Susan Dragoo Lembo
On Guard, 2020
Mixed Media/3 D, 6x6x0.25
$ 300


Kathleen Folino
Blessing Bird, 2019
Printmaking, 8x6x0
$ 450


Laurie France
Eggs, 2020
Black & White Photography, 20x30x0
$ 325


Donna Haig Friedman
Azaleas in the Fells, 2020
Oil Painting, 30x24x1.5
$ 800


Marcia Geier
Diane on Toes, 2019
Color Photography/Digital Media, 16x20x0.1
$ 325


Janice Gallinger
Brokedown Palace, 2019
Watercolor, 27x36x1
$ 950


Marc Goldring
Tree and Roots, Charles River, -1
Color Photography & Ditigal Media, 12x16x0
$ 400


Lisa Goren
Bull Kelp, Antarctica, #1, 2004
Watercolor, 30x30x0.5
$ 925


Denise Byrnes Graham
Borrowed Light, 2020
Oil & Acrylic Painting, 24x24x0
$ 1200


Larry Guilmette
ChBrz 3, 2020
Printmaking, 28x20x0
$ 400


Becky Haletky
Mr. wedding Cake, 2019
Watercolor, 40x46x2
$ 2400


Kate Hanlon
Monhegan Flower Gardens, 2018
Printmaking, 9x9x2
$ 900


Susan Hagstrom
Easter Sunrise Service, 2020
Color Photography/Digital Media, 15x20x0
$ 200


Kate Hanlon
Passerby, 2019
Printmaking, 9.25x8.5x2
$ 900


Kate Heald
Orchid Gem, 2019
Watercolor, 11x8x0
$ 300


Sara Holbrook
Fine Art at the MFA, 2019
Black & White Photography, 24x18x1
$ 400


David Holt
Gurnet light over Long Beach, 2020
Watercolor, 18x24x14
$ 450


Wilson Hunt
Nexus, 2019
$ 2500


Roxane Hynek
Portals with Figure 2, 2020
Oil & Acrylic Painting, 20x16x12
$ 700


Donna Ingemanson
Untitled #265a, 2019
Mixed Media/3 D, 9x6x0
$ 295


Donna Ingemanson
Untitled #328, 2020
Printmaking, 9x11x0
$ 295 SOLD


Kay Kopper
Mentha spicata, Spearmint, 2019
Mixed Media/3 D, 10.75x9.5x0
$ 1500


Kay Kopper
Three-toed Sloth, 2018
Drawing & Pastels, 14.75x18.25x0
$ 1900


Judy Laliberte
Shadow and Light, 2020
, 20x16x1
$ 250


Mary Marley
Impromptu, 2019
Mixed Media/3 D, 30x22x1
$ 975


Lori Moretti
Spring Interior, 2020
$ 800


Jan McElhinny
Les Saintes, 2020
Oil & Acrylic Painting, 8x8x1
$ 950


Christine Marohn
Apples and Ironstone, 2020
Oil & Acrylic Painting, 24x18x0
$ 3500


Thomas Pickarski
Landscape no. 26, 2019
Color Photography/Digital Media, 12x18x1
$ 490

Dorothy Amore Pilla
Dance Duet, 2020
Color Photography/Digital Media, 26x18x0.5
$ 500

Page Railsback
GOODS, 2019
Oil & Acrylic Painting, 24x24x2
$ 2000

Karen Pinard
Suummer Wave, 2020
Mixed Media/3 D, 20x32x0
$ 1200

Lynn Ray
Coffee Break, 2019
Oil & Acrylic Painting, 30x24x1.5
$ 1200

Lisa Redburn
Garden Water Tapestry: Spring Greens, 2017
Color Photography/Digital Media, 24x18x0
$ 300


Sarah Roche
Weeping pear - pyrus salicifolia , 2019
Watercolor, 8x9.5x0
$ 1100

Stephanie Roberts-Camello
Looks like rain, 2019
Watercolor, 12x12x3.5
$ 800


John Roman
The House at Walden Pond, 2019
Drawing & Pastels, 11x14x0.5
$ 1500


Eileen Rotty
The Sky is Falling, 2020
Mixed Media/3 D, 20x20x2
$ 600


Julie Rothman
Catchlight, 2019
Black & White Photography, 18x24x2
$ 200


Donna Rossetti-Bailey
August Morning, 2020
Drawing & Pastels, 8x12x1
$ 425 SOLD


Julie Rothman
Locked Out, 2019
Black & White Photography, 18x24x2
$ 200


Julie Rothman
Three Amigos, 2019
Black & White Photography, 18x24x2
$ 200


Julie Rothman
Through the Peephole, 2019
Black & White Photography, 16x18x2
$ 200


Karen Rothman
March On, -14
Mixed Media/3 D, 20x20x1
$ 1000

Stephen Sheffield
Koalemos, 2019
Black & White Photography, 24x40x0.1
$ 1000

Maureen Spinale
Tree Spirits, 2019
Drawing & Pastels, 31x31x1
$ 1800

Vcevy Strekalovsky
Morning Commute, 2018
Oil & Acrylic Painting, 16x16x0.08
$ 950


John Sullivan
Prince Edward Island, Canada, 2
Watercolor, 7x10x0
$ 400


Lara Williams
Silver Linings, 2020
$ 395



John Sullivan
Rexhame Riverside, 7x10x0
$ 400