Fall 2012

Contributing Indivituals

Jennifer WillmsDick Horn

Mrs. Bleakie


Sara Holbrook and Foster L. Aborn**
BJ and Steve Andrus
Motoko and Gordon Deane
Susan Dickie**
Lena and Ronald Goldberg**
Lesley and Don Grilli**
Nancy and Tom Hamilton**
Susan and Jack McNamara**
Janna Oddleifson
Dorothy Palmer**
Constance B. Rice**
Chris Rifkin**
Elise M. Russo**
Elizabeth Steele**
Valerie and Phillip Vitali**
Sandy Weiss**
Mary and Thomas Williams**
Jennifer and Robert Willms***


Don DeMichele**
William Earon**
Joan Middleton
Judy and Frank Neer**
Nancy and Chris Oddleifson**
Kathleen and Ross Sherbrooke**
Mariann and Mark Tosi
Anne and R. Gary Vanderweil, Jr.**
Phyllis and Bill Wenzel**
Peggy and Michael Weymouth**


Libby and Bill Allard**
Franny Andahazy and Michael Nedeau**
Mercedes Aza and Cameron Snyder**
Cornelia Barnard
Eleanor G. Bleakie**
Lois and Bruce Cameron**
Jane C. Carr and Andy Hertig
Nancy and David Colella**
Jane and Jon Davis**
Gloria and Anthony DiPaolo
Paulie and Herb Emilson
Lauren Farrell**
Nancy Garrison
Patricia and Patrick Gray**
Ellen and Bruce Herzfelder**
Andrea and Craig Hillier**
Carolyn and Dick Horn**
Christine and Brian Hotarek
William Houser and Joseph Martinez
Patsy and Richard Leggat**
Tina and Robert Miklos**
Marilyn and Win Minot
Jeanne and David Replogle
Barbara and Brian Sheehan
Joan and Phil Shockman
Annellen Walsh
Deborah Weiss**


Muffy and Paul Antico
Jeremy Barnard
Patricia and Richard Cammett
Margaret Casey**
Sarah and Craig Casey**
Lilly and Mark Cleveland**
Heather and Jeffrey Collins
Elaine and Michael Coyne**
Catherine and Richard Evans**
Susan Gallagher**
Amory Houghton, Jr.**
Therese Joslin
Judy and Rob Kasameyer**
Shirley and Jim Marten**
Judith and Robert Montminy
Michelle and Rich Paterniti
Charles S. and Zena A. Scimeca Charitable Fund
at The Boston Foundation
Gitte and Rick Shea**
Lanci and Page Valentine
Linda and Sam Wakeman
Andrea and David Weltman*


Richard and Kimberlee Alemian
Helen and Ethan Arnold
Sage and Jon Belber
Emily and John Brown
Barbara and John Canney
JoAnne and Woody Chittick
Carolyn and John Coffey
Kristina and Craig Coffey
Nancy Cusack**
Kathy and John Dowling
Monice Morenz Grabowski
Norma and Ernest Grassey
Julie Guild**
Sarah Hannan
Molly Perkins Hauck**
Barbara and Warner Henderson
Anne Heywood**
Marge and Jack Hobbs
Victoria and Michael Hurley
Sarah Jackson**
Linda and Gerald Jones
Rita and Jim Kirk
Ruth Knapp**
Yasmin and John Landy
Irene and David Lord**
Susan Luery
Gerry Lynch
Lisa Marder and Josiah Stevenson**
Eva and Tom Marx
Jan and Ward McElhinny
Gale Michaud
Elizabeth Morse**
Elizabeth and John Naughton
Mary Neville
Stephen Nonack
Malee and Michael Nuesse
Meg and Brooks Robbins**
Sarah and Adrian Roche**
Maureen and Mark Rogers
Carmen and Tim Schramm
Michelle and Doug Smith**
Lee Spiller
Ruth and Michael Whitner
Barbara and Kevin Wrenn
March and Jim Wyatt


Anne Allen**
Maida Antigua
Barbara Baron
Kara and Scott Bianchi
Laura and Allen Carleton
Irma Cerese
Ted Chylack
Carolyn Cohen
Robert Costa
Margot and Don Critchfield
Cassandra Crow
Susan and Tim Davis
Henriette De Bellegarde
Susan Denniston
Roger Dunn
MaryAnn and John Englander
Susan and Stephen Etkind
Sheila and Don Evans**
Roberta Fairbanks
Sarah Forbes**
Robert Fraser and Peggy Levangie
Marguerite Gager
Pat Gentile
Ted Gentry
Jane and Peter Goedecke
Judith and Richard Green
David Hassan
Diane Hoss
Nancy Sargent Howell
Pat Isaac
Alison Jordan
Letitia and Robert Jordan, Jr.
Berj Kailian
Dick Karoff and Sandy Manzella
Elyce Kearns
Andrea Kemler
Diane and Patrick Kennedy
Patricia Lawrence**
Mary Lizotte
Kyle and Edward Lubitz
Lisa Marder
Steve Mason
Pat and Jim McCarthy
Chuck McDermott
Peggy and Tom Merzbacher
Nancy and Thomas Monahan
Dorothy Montuori
Gretchen Moran
Betts and Wisner Murray
Amy and Shapur Naimi
Anne and Nestor Nicholas
Marc Okun
Katharine Perkins**
Shirley and Don Pitcher
James Regan
Beverly Rippel**
Sergio Roffo**
Karen Ross
Donna Rossetti-Bailey
Lucy and Philip Saunders, Jr.**
Annette and Wayne Sawchuk
Lori and Herman Schill
Lenore Schneider
Nancy Sencabaugh
Ruthe Sholler
Susan Stoddart
Cindy and Alex Swartwood
Tracy and Kevin Thomas
Claire Tinory
David Vargo
Pamela Warner
Frances and William Weeks**
Katharine and John Weeks**
Ruth Ann Wetherby-Frattasio
Mary Wilkas
Tracey Merrill and Eric Wellmann
Esther Williams**



*Members and Donors as of August 1, 2012
**Represents gifts to the annual and/or capital campaigns